Andrea Hogan reports on Manly Rotary's nominees for the Rotary Youth Leadersheap Awards (RYLA) and the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN):
I’ve had excellent feedback from our participants who attended both RYLA and RYPEN recently.
Emma Watson who attended RYLA has offered to come back and speak to Rotary about her experience. An extract of her email reflecting on her week is below;
After I saw you at the Formal Dinner on the Tuesday night of RYLA, we did so much at the camp in such little time. It just kept getting better and better. There were many speakers, though the one I found the most interesting was Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace. She is in charge of the gang squad in Western Sydney. She was such a fantastic speaker, and I was captivated by her for her entire time section.
As part of the fines committee, we auctioned off people’s lost property that got left behind after sessions, which results in many laughs, and then someone paid $100 for one can of energy drink. We ended up raising just over $3000 for Bear Cottage which was great!
Some of the activities definitely tested our skills and patience. I found that I learnt the most from these sessions where I struggled rather than those I excelled at. I feel like over the entire week I developed a lot more self confidence in my ability, which has already helped me afterwards!
In addition last week two year 9 girls from Stella Maris attended the RYPEN weekend they returned full of praise for the course and I’ve been promised a written update from the girls by the head of Year 9 who was extremely grateful to have had the girls the opportunity.