Posted by Beverley Leahy
PETS  March 2019 hosted by Ryde Rotary
The day was productive and helpful but there was one speaker who I think is worthy of some Bulletin space. He was optimistic about Rotary’s capacity to change for the era if it is in touch with that era. Graham Kenny is an expert in performance and strategy measurements in business.
In this capacity he spoke to his fellow Rotarians and made some observations worth sharing.
Rotary has an image problem:
  • Young people join single issue organisations eg Clean up Australia. Therefore sell Rotary as an organisation that does particular things for particular groups
  • Service above self is the wrong motto for today. The Right motto is Change the world for the Better. Emphasis on action.
  • Competitors for providing networks are numerous. What is our point of difference?
  • Important to look after a club’s own members. They are the most important asset of a club
  • Clubs need to be designed in a spirit of co-creation. Ask the younger generation to critically appraise how our club works and move on to help design a new club to meet the needs of all. This approach has the future in the foreground.
  • Pay particular attention to time honoured rituals of Rotary and consider whether they serve today’s needs. Co-creation is a vital working tool here. Historically, Rotary began in an Industrial era. Today those business structures are often out-moded; the hierarchy of authority being the most obvious.
Exercise: Ask your children why they would not join a Rotary club? Collect data on this.
  • Use a sergeant’s session to encourage positive over negative thinking. Should, must, the old days are expressions worthy of a fine. Make the fines’ session more focussed on the outcome you wish for…
Graham recommended two books for Rotarians to read:
  1. Factfulness: 10 reasons we’re wrong about the world and things are better than you think  by Anna, Hans and Ola Rosling
  2. Enlightenment Now  by Stephen Pinker
These books will help us change our mindset in a positive way about the future!