Thank You from Presidents Maggie and Enza 
A very big thank you to Vivien Coulson for all the hours needed to organize the renovation of the bench top and the cleaning of the kitchen at Mission Australia, Fairlight Street, Manly and for the long day that Vivien put in on Saturday.  Geoff worked tirelessly as a number of surprises kept coming his way, also to Steven a resident at Mission Australia who helped with the heavy lifting and a big thank you to everyone from our great club that helped: Jason Kioko, John Warren, David Park and Andrea Hogan.  It was a pleasure to be part of the team too.
Co-President Enza
The 8.30 am start:
this was almost delayed when David, seeing me standing in front  of the house armed with a hammer and a large crow bar, ducked back out of site (on the pretext of locking his car ) never the less showing great courage  he fronted up and with Enza & I  started off  a flurry of activity to move EVERYTHING!!!! out of the cupboards, & off the bench top. Think of all your average kitchen appliances & cupboard contents and multiply several times for a communal residence for 12 men. 
9.00 am:
Once our men got their hands on the hammer & crowbars the ladies present were relegated to cleaning duty as gender roles dictate. A role that continued, without rest, until 6pm with those involved showing significant female stamina, perseverance  & dedication to the challenge. The run sheet quickly became a flight of fancy as the old bench top, worn & battered as it was, held on strongly to the cupboards testing the combined will, strength & determination of David, John & Jason before being beaten into submission by exceptional intellectual consideration & judiciously applied brute force.
10.00 am:
Jeff's arrival with the new top added a timely injection of skill and machinery to complete stage one. I will not describe the substances discovered in the drains when removing the sink, every one was very strong, no one threw up.
12 noon:
The absence of right angles in the existing walls delayed the actual installation of the new laminate top while it was trimmed to fit and cutting out for the sink was only slightly delayed by the enthusiastic cleaning of one lady ( un-named until Tuesday) washing the builders measurements off the tiles. The ladies then took advantage of being topless (  HA! GOTCHA! that's the cupboards not us) as an easier way to clean the inside than having to crawl into what were really very dirty greasy places. Our apologies to the environment for using up an entire bottle of very toxic (but effective) cleaning agent and every scouring pad we could lay our hands on.
2.00 pm:
The bench, sink etc are finally ready to be put  in place with  Jeff receiving greatly appreciated help from a resident Steven Silverstone as our men have done their time & given up no doubt  exhausted. Note that John, refueled by lunch with Jenny made a much needed comeback for another hour.
3.30 pm:
Fresh energy arrived in the form of Andrea for a sprint to the finish with cleaning and to speed up the almost joyous task of putting IT ALL back into the now sparkling clean cupboards & drawers and onto the lovely new bench.
5.30 pm:
The bench is all siliconned, the tap & drains & don't leak, tools packed away, the kitchen contents installed, the floors washed for the 3rd or 4th time, and the last three standing have just enough energy to make it home. 
The author accepts those present will have an entirely different story to tell but nothing can overstate the wonderful effort everyone contributed to a job well done.