Rotary Foundation Report
Foundation Director Report 2016-17
2017 was at once a wonderful and very sad year for the Rotary Foundation at Manly Rotary Club. Our longstanding Foundation Director Terrence Joseph Kennedy sowed his final seeds of love and left us with vivid memories of his selfless commitment to Manly Rotary during the year.
I stepped into his enormous shoes on 20 February this year. I am working hard to fill those shoes and to honour the memory of Terry’s work for the Foundation and our club. Our challenge is to continue to keep his memory alive through our support for the Rotary Foundation that he valued so highly.
This is the centenary year of our Foundation. This year Manly Rotary responded to the Club Challenge launched by District 9685 and donated $3653 to Polio Plus. The Challenge was structured to result in each Club’s contribution being multiplied 7.5 times as follows:
Your club donation                                                                                     $3650
District 9685 Designated Fund (DDF) match                                                  $3650
Rotary World Fund DDF 50% match                                                             $1825
Subtotal                                                                                                    $9125
Gates Foundation 2 for 1 match                                                                 $18250
giving Manly Rotary’s donation a total impact of                                      $27,397.50.
The progress in eradication of polio by Rotary and The Gates Foundation is spectacular with only 37 cases world-wide in 2016 and 5 cases to date this year.
There have been no new cases reported this week!
Manly Rotary also donated $3000 unmatched to the Foundation Annual Fund this year.
We will continue to support The Foundation in its mission to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.
Guest Speakers
The Board continued the club tradition of directing donations made by our club on behalf of our 2016-17 guest speakers to the Rotary Foundation.
I am privileged to be following in Terry’s footsteps as your Foundation Director.
I look forward to working with our incoming presidents, Susie and Jackie to ensure the seeds of love so ably sown by Terry continue flourish at Manly Rotary.
PP Maggie Shanahan
Foundation Director 2016-17