President's Report 2016
                                                                                 Richard Schroder (president, 2016-17)
After a slow start the club embraced the merger of Manly and Manly Sunrise Rotary Clubs with a grand celebratory dinner for 100 years of service to our community at ICMS on February this year. It could not have happened without Ted and his committee’s influence and support. As a consequence of Ted’s networking it was well attended by Rotarians and Rotary’s leadership including current District Governor - Bruce Lakin and 5 past district governors. Our community leaders attended with:
Federal and State government representatives-  the Honourable Mr Tony Abbot and Mr Mike Baird;
Police superintendent Mr Dave Darcy;
Local Government – Mr Mike Regan and Mrs Jean Hey;
Sponsors – Mr Marcus Blackburn and many of the charities that we support. 
Over the last 10 years Manly Rotary has raised over $1.1 million in support of local, regional & international charities. Our areas of support have included many organisations and charities, with local, regional and international recipients.  Two new projects were implemented this year:
Support for the Clontarf Foundation of Western Sydney which helps develop leadership skills amongst indigenous boys; and
A sanitation project on Rambutso Island, east of Manus Island in PNG. The latter was supplemented with a Rotary District Grant and was completed over the course of the year. The project is aligned with Rotary International’s goals of provision of clean water in developing countries that can be locally maintained and sustained over the long term.
The Sanitation Project will protect vulnerable clean water supplies on Rambutso Island. The project was successfully implemented by its sponsor Lynne Shori through delivery of 3 community sized Clivus Multrum toilet units to the Island and construction of structures to house them. The project was successfully completed because of Lynne’s presence on site   and because of local community ownership of the project. She has only just returned to Manly after having undertaken an audit of the project which has confirmed usage and acceptance by female members of the community. The success of this District Grant supported project has encouraged Manly Rotary to apply for a Global Grant to implement a new Sanitation Project to provide further toilets to be used by male members of the community and to provide further Clivus Multrum toilet units to other remote areas of PNG.
None of our charitable work could be achieved without funds raised through our Fun Run which this year was held on May 21. I am deeply grateful to the volunteers that gave up their time to help manage the event and to the committee chaired by Enza which planned and organised it. Of course no event just happens on the day and without weeks of preparation beforehand and restoration of the course after the event, and on behalf of the club I give a vote of thanks to Neil Austin and his team, who again this year executed the event with a high degree of professionalism.  The active involvement of a number of new members in key roles has broadened the club’s experience base and helps maintain continuity of the event.
Another gratifying aspect of the Fun Run was the involvement of the boys from the Clontarf Foundation. They not only supported it by competing but also provided volunteers for marshalling competitors at the start of the run. It is the second time that they have been involved and demonstrated a high degree of maturity and confidence in this most important phase of the Run. I would also like to thank the Balgowlah Scouts and Rotoract for their support of the Event.
Last but not least is my personal thanks to our sponsors who include:
Over recent years our move to a web and Facebook based information system has had an impact on the Fun Run and also increased our ability to attract sponsorship and new members. Enza, Maggie, and in particular Jackie have revolutionised how we get our story out there and most importantly it has delivered a raft of new membership for the club. This year we have inducted 10 new members covering both genders and the full range of age demographics culminating in the induction of 4 new members at our meeting of the 23rd May. 
Unfortunately this year we saw the passing of 2 members and Past Presidents: Terry Kennedy and Stewart Reeves. Both served the club and Rotary with great distinction and they will be missed by me and the Club. Many of our new club members did not have the good fortune to get to know or enjoy their infectious and good humoured behaviour which made club meetings a great deal of fun and broke down some of the formality of the meetings. With such a growth in membership I believe we do need to get to know each other better and I recommend that some club meetings be dedicated to serve this purpose.  In fact on reflection I think one of the best presentations to the club this year was John Shanahan’s very personal reflections on his relative who served with distinction for the RAAF.
John of course has faced his own health challenges this year and on behalf of the club I want to thank him for continuing to serve the club as treasurer and delivering concise records of the clubs financial health.
I also want to thank all Board Members for their support this year and I wish incoming Presidents Susie and Jackie a successful forthcoming year. Unfortunately the club will have fewer funds to spend this year due to the drop in numbers participating in this year’s fun run and we will have to constrain spending to fit funds available. Our focus now needs to shift to next year’s run with priority issues being:
Choosing an optimal date for the run that will not clash with the Sydney Half Marathon or the Manly Food & Wine Festival and
A larger pool of sponsorship.
One challenge we did not meet this year was to identify a major local project to galvanise the club and I recommend this be a focus for the incoming Board.
Finally I am grateful to and want to thank:
The Royal Far West for their continued support and especially for providing the club with a meeting venue for our weekly meetings, 
Jason and Pioneer for providing a venue for our Board Meetings;
The Local Area Police Command for its assistance with the Fun Run;
The Steyne Hotel for providing facilities for organising the start of the fun run; and
Tom Shanahan for being MC at the 100 Year Dinner, the Change Over and the Fun Run.
Thank you all for tolerating my late starts to meetings for which I was invariably fined and more seriously thanks for being Rotarians and please give incoming Presidents Susie and Doug your full support.