Club Secretary's Report
                                         Secretary’s Report  -2016-17 Year  -  Rotary Club of Manly
The Rotary Club of Manly enjoyed a successful year in terms of membership, growing by 10 members. This success was led by the Membership Directors team made up of Ted Waters and Anna Horwitz. Unfortunately, we our numbers also fell by three when Vivien moved away and we lost our beloved Terry Kennedy, and Peter was unable to attend. At the end of the 2016-17 year, we have 35 active members and 5 honorary members.
Our major (and only) fundraising event of the year was the Manly Fun Run, held on 21 May 2017. Led by Fun Run Committee Director Enza Prestipino, with assistance from Neil Austen and Maggie Shanahan, the run raised over $50,000 in funds.
The Board was able to meet once a month, since the year began in July 2016 to address items of business dotted with lively (and sometimes off-topic) discussion.
This year marked the first complete year of the bulletin’s release via Clubrunner. It assisted Members in staying informed when they were not able to make meetings, and also share our achievements with stakeholders in the community and beyond. It should be noted, however, that it did not succeed in keeping Members informed as to their weekly responsibilities at regular meetings (attendance desk, Sargent and minute-taker).  Perhaps this is an area for the Secretary-elect to delve more deeply into. The bulletin worked well in complementary form to the website, thanks to Enza’s superior coordination.
This Secretary focused on the Club’s online presence through its social media accounts, as a means of both promoting fundraising activities, informing the community of the Club’s achievements and goings on, as well as serving as a means to attract new members. It is expected that this area of the role will not be taken on by the incoming Secretary, and rather, he will take up areas that best meet his skills and expertise.
 Jacqueline Linnane