Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Editor: Norm Thomson
Jackie Linnane, Sherry Midgley, Tracy Rushmer, Ken Hopley, Bev Leahy, Rob Jones.
Susie M, Doug M, Norm T, Maggie S, John S, Peter S, John W, David P, Barbara G, David B, Daniel H, Ty S, George Mc, John P, Robyn W, Ted W, Richard S, Andrea H.
  • SM.  Called on responses for “Time spent Roster” for all volunteer work performed.
  • DB.   Notified all members that the “Blackmores” volunteer roster request for Xmas Hampers had been filled.
  • SM.   Provided information for David Brown’s first aid course applicants.
  • SM.  Suggested the roster of “Friends of Rotary” be updated.  Ty suggested these non-member volunteers for the club should be added to his contact list.
  • SM.  Reminded the club of two birthdays today, Bev Leahy and Enza Prestipino.  Maggie confirmed a register of member birthdays and need to update.
  • JS.  Re unpaid fees and the use of Club Runner to update these records.  Questions of those who are no longer active but remain on the list and also those with dues outstanding.
  • SM.  District Gov. Mc Gurgan reminding clubs in our area of the new member course he is conducting on Sat. October 28.  His concerns are for the Ethos and Values of the Rotary movement and that these are not being properly communicated. 
  • SM.  We need to confirm volunteers for the “Community Expo – Manly” to be held November 5.  Rob Jones assisting Susie with this project.  SM took names this morning of volunteers and Ty S added Sherry to the list but reserved her the right of refusal!
We learned from Barry’s video presentation and talk that the PCYC was founded in 1937 with the help of Rotary, news to most of our senior members.  The presentation showed the early days of PCYC and the development today to the new premises in Dee Why.  These new premises are providing wonderful experiences for all the youth , from conventional family situations to family children most vulnerable and in need.  He explained the importance of the involvement for these kids and the important role the mentors play in the leadership of the PCYC.
Barry said the new CEO encouraged management to engage with Rotary because of the history of the two organisations and the good work done in the community. The PCYC has an urgent need for a bus to transport the kids and appealed to Rotary for assistance in securing one.  Also suggested as a means of support for PCYC was sponsorship of young disadvantaged youth for the cost of term membership ($80).  He explained that the cost of operating the PCYC was approx.. $350k pa with current funds of $250k.  Managers are paid by the government but all other PCYC staff are paid from club funds.  They are continually involved in fund raising activities.
QUESTIONS from the floor related to the bus and Barry was able to explain that it would enable them to run more programs.  Jack Pack enquired about the demographic of the young people and Barry gave an example of a young member “Jo Jo” last week waiting on the steps at 7am when he was opening the club.  He had to leave a hostile environment at home and just wanted the security of the club and to play basketball.
SM thanked him for the presentation and issued an invitation for him to join MRC which he indicated he would love to do.
Further discussion on the Manly Wharf  “End Polio”  project that is to be held on Tuesday October 24 to coincide with the international celebrations of the joint Rotary/Bill Gates Foundation efforts.  DM went to Rotary office in Parramatta to get Polo shirts (cost $28) and Tshirts to be worn by volunteers on the morning.  This will replace the regular meeting at Far West and breakfast at Fusion at 8am will be held afterwards.   RS has approvals from authorities for Rotary volunteers to be on the wharf from 6.30am  and examples of the brochure designed for the day were distributed at the meeting for comment.  DM also secured a large free standing Rotary poster to go with the tables, balloons and brochures
SM.  XMAS PARTY.  It was agreed that a date should be set and a venue arranged for our Xmas party some time in mid December.
Susie arranged for a gift to farewell Daniel as it was his last meeting with us as he moves to a new life in the SW of Sydney.  He is leaving Manly Rotary and will be missed by all members who enjoyed his wry humour and hard work for us, but has already identified a Rotary Club in his new area, so not lost to Rotary.  We wish him well.
SGT AT ARMS:  Ted Waters as always was able to solicit money from most members, but claimed that JS had to contribute most as a result of his interesting therapies for his many health issues of product that was “hamster’s ovaries”!
Finally, Doug M reminded all those that took Polo shirts that he is out of pocket and needs to be paid.
Meeting Responsibilities for next week
Morgan, Susie
Miller, Douglas
Waters, Ted
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Midgley, Sherry
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