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Hi again

Great to see so many more at our breakfast meeting this morning. Winter over? - even if it’s started to rain!

It was great to give Susie a warm welcome home, too – so obviously inspired by her Kenyan orphanage volunteering. Well done!

Also, while we are at it: great to see Ty and Norm cementing our relationship further with Northern Beaches Rotaract, helping them out – again in the rain! – with their bush clean-up work last weekend. See the photo below of Ty with his clean-up companion!

We DO have quite a bit of volunteering work going on: Invictus next Friday, the Wellness Walk for Mental Health next Sunday, and quite possibly, another turn-out at Manly Wharf the following Wednesday October 24 – End Polio Day. This will be in collaboration with Australian Doctors International, to raise community awareness of polio, publicise Rotary’s actions, promote our own Club’s work, and hopefully, raise additional funds for polio relief. Please help out, if you can.

Service Above Self is our motto – and we want to give it our best. In this context we will be continuing to focus on our Assembly’s in our breakfast meetings. We are looking to extend the scope of our Avenue of Service Committees’ action planning for the remainder of the year. As mentioned before: if there are issues that interest you beyond the scope of the Committee(s) you are now in. don’t hold back – join that/those other Committees too.  As the saying goes, Together, everyone achieves more.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Tuesday 16th October 2018

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:   Lynne Shori, Barbara Gardiner,

Duties:     Desk - Evelyn Ciocco; Notes - Sherry Midgley; Sergeant-at-Arms –  Ted Water

KEY ACTIVITY: GUEST SPEAKER – Khandro Rinpoche: Cultural and educational work in the Himalayas

Khandro Rinpoche gave a very inspiring talk this morning. Her parents walked over the Himalayan ranges from Tibet in 1959. They were renowned spiritual masters.  Khandro was born in India in 1967.  Her Catholic education was sponsored by the Tibetan Friendship Group Australia and she further studied east-west psychology in California.

In her refugee life, even though the conditions were very poor, she felt safe and nurtured by compassion of her elders and food was infused with genuine love. This is the essential teachings and way of life she kindly brings to our world where she feels that materialism has disconnected families and insatiable greed has endangered the environment. She invited all of us to visit Himalaya in her pilgrimages to witness a living tradition of compassion.

Khandro is a Buddhist practitioner and teaches compassionate action. She now does a lot of work with children and teaching about global warming. She continues to teach and ensures the practices and culture of Tibet are not lost.

Diary Dates:
19/10/2019   ADI Dinner (Manly Golf Club)
19/10/2019   Balgowlah Rotary Golf Day
19/10/2018   Invictus Games North Head Function
21/10/2018   Wellness Walk (  
28/10/2018   North Head tunnels visit & Picnic
06/11/2018   Melbourne Cup & Vivien's farewell lunch
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLella
Diary Dates: 
16/03/2019  President Elect Training for 2019/2020
29/03/2019  District Conference Newcastle
14/04/2019  District Assembly training for incoming Board/Committee Members
29/06/2019  District Changeover
End Polio – we are attempting to liaise with ADI re PNG outbreak and support (in General Business, below)
District Treasurer’s Report (overview). Doug talked briefly about the District Report and will distribute to anyone interested.
Susie’s African Volunteering report-back  Susie gave a brief update on her trip to Africa. The orphanage is run by Cathy Booth from Bundaberg Rotary and it has 13 children. Most of the donations come from Rotary clubs around Australia that is channelled through RAWCS.  Susie did domestic duties, gardening (planted spinach plants) and played with the children. She also went on safari for 6 days and saw all the big animals. It was great value and Susie would highly recommend club members to go. She will give a presentation to club members soon.
Jeni Mawter’s book donation  An author among her other skills, Jeni has kindly donated nearly 400 children's books to Royal Far West. Great work Jeni.
Confirmation of event attendees:
Wellness Walk – Starting 08.00am this Sunday from Gov’t House. Attendees: Evelyn, Viv, Ken, Richard, John and Jeni, Rhiannon, Marieken and Doug. Club T-shirts please. Doug to organise registrations for all except John/Jenny and advise costs.
Invictus Games – Volunteer Attendees: Ted, Norm, Sherry, Ty, Ken. Plus Doug and Susie by invitation. Club T-shirts please. Vivien to chase up details and send around to volunteers
Nth Head Tunnels & Picnic – Attendees: Viv, Bo (4), Doug, Marieken, Ken, Susie (3), Sherry, Ty, Richard (2), Norm, David (2) Doug to organise gazebo (and tables? Vivien to confirm) Bring something to sit on.
Vivien’s Farewell - see invite below
Northern Beaches Rotaract’s bush clean-up Allenby Park Sun 14 Oct. Despite the rain, Norm and Ty had great fun helping to clean up the park.
End Polio Day Oct 24. Doug discussed favourably with ADI head Dr Peter MacDonald the possibility of collaboration on the day to raise awareness of polio as an issue in a publicity, membership and fund-raising drive on Manly Wharf. We will be looking for club members to hand out leaflets. Richard, Ted, Lynne, George and Susie to review with Peter again on ADI Dinner night this week, and get back to Doug urgently to enable materials etc to be organised.
Rotary T-shirts - please hand your t-shirts to Ted asap along with your $10 to get your t-shirt embroidered.
Blackmores’ Christmas Hamper packing - David is organising arrangements, date to be confirmed at the end of November.

SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES - A lively session run by Ted Waters

Raffle - Bo again :-)


Melbourne Cup & Vivien Farewell
North Fort Tunnel Tour & Picnic
Wellness Walk
Balgowlah Charity Golf Day
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 16th October 2018