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Happy New Year to all - may it bring all that you wish (but be careful what you wish for!) 
We look forward to welcoming you back for another busy year including our tenth annual Fun Run and Walk. Please if you possibly can put up your hand to help with the major event that as you know takes a lot of hard work and planning.
This week has been the Stand Tall Camp for young people who need extra support and encouragement to reach their potential. This is the second year our Club has supported the camp and we have received many personal thanks from the Stand Tall team for our assistance. Ted organised three evening meals for the 32 students/volunteers from local restaurants and on Thursday we provided a barbecue for the group on their last evening (Virginia and I). Thank you Ted and Virginia for your work and commitment in undertaking these tasks for the Stand Tall organisation. It is quite amazing the change we saw in the 15 young people who attended the camp from quiet and shy to participation, higher self esteem and newly forged friendships even after a couple of days.
Veronica Goodwin (who came with me to Umoja Orphanage) and I are hosting a simple lunch on Saturday 2nd February 12.30pm (at 1 Burilla Avenue) to thank those who donated so generously to the orphanage (additional new accommodation - home). By then we should have many more photographs to show what we did there.
Thank you also for your kind thoughts about the loss of my dear companion Blocker who left this world on New Year’s Eve - I miss him terribly.


Tuesday 8th January 2019

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:   Barbara Gardiner, Sherry Midgley, Ty Stokoe, Ken Hopley, George McLelland, Norm Thomson, Beverley Leahy, Lynne Shori, Virginia Parker, David Park, Evelyn Ciocco

Duties:   Desk – Robert Jones; Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms – Ted Waters

Club News

A big happy birthday to: Ted Waters & Ken Hopley for the 3rd Jan. Norm Thomson - 6th Jan, Doug Miller - 7th January

Diary Dates:

07/01/2019  Stand Tall Manly Summer Camp
15/01/2019  RYLA Dinner Miramare Gardens, Terrey Hills 6.30pm $50 registrations
22/01/2019  Pioneer Clubhouse Manly Rotary AGM
29/01/2019  Northern Beaches Zone Clubs' Evening BBQ 6.00 - 8.00pm Manly Dam $5
17/02/2019  Promoting Rotary Public Image 9.30am - 4.00pm
22/02/2019  Senior Festival at DY RSL 9.30am - 2pm Volunteers required
26/02/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
12/03/2019  New Membership drive social evening 7pm
16/03/2019  President Elect Training for 2019/2020
29/03/2019  District Conference Newcastle
14/04/2019  District Assembly for incoming Board/Com. Members
30/04/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
05/05/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
28/05/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLella
29/06/2019  District Changeover
Robert confirmed that the information sign has been placed at Hinkler Park. It was also agreed that Doug organise A4 Information Sheets about Manly Rotary Club. Robert will then organise with Northern Beaches Council to have the information sheets placed in the various Community Notice Boards around Manly. There are six Community Boards: Manly Aquatic Centre, Fairlight Shops, Seaforth Shops, Balgowlah Heights Shops, North Harbour Reserve and Addison Road Shops.
Rotary Down Under has sent an invoice for 36 subscriptions to RDU magazines.  The invoice is for $720.00.  Susie to follow up with RDU to make sure that magazines are only going to paid up club members.
Fun Run 5th May. It was agreed that this be part of the Assembly discussion for next week’s meeting so that planning and action can be taken to ensure a successful event this year.
Susie to check with Evelyn regarding the number of students on youth programs this year and to check whether there will be attendance from our Club at the RYLA dinner on 15th January.
Ted to check with District regarding “leave of absence” applications and the implication on Club Fees if any.
After scanning the email from Youth Protection Officer Rotary District 9685, this was thought to only be applicable for specific youth programs (RYLA,RYPEN, etc.) so no immediate action needed.
New Membership drive. It was agreed that a social function be planned for 12 March 2019 at 7.00pm for this purpose. Venue to be decided but possibly Royal Far West. Need to ask prominent speakers for the evening - for example James Griffin State Member for Manly, Michael Regan - Northern Beaches Mayor, Candy Bingham and Davy Darcy (for example). Guest List - Public relations committee to advertise on social media, each club member asked to bring along a potential member, source local business people and also people form the various charities we support. Further discussion at next week’s meeting. Ted to check whether RFW venue may be available. 

Volunteer hours – please let Beverley Leahy know via email on a weekly basis

SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES  Thank you Ted for your continued success at this task
RAFFLE - Richard S
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 8th January 2019