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BULLETIN NOTES 10 September 2019
Editor Susie Morgan

Affirmation and Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Lynne Shori, Barbara Gardiner, Norm Thomson, George McLelland, Robert Jones

Duties:  Desk –Evelyn Ciocco; Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - John Pack

Welcome: Denis Rosario from Sydney Cove Rotary (good to see you again). Richard Royle and Andrew Newton from Northern Beaches Hospital

Birthday:  None to report this week 

Richard Royle and Andrew Newton (incoming CEO Northern Beaches Hospital.)
Richard Royle (outgoing CEO) has been working in hospital management for 34 years and has assisted the new owners Health Scope until the appointment of Andrew Newton the incoming CEO. Richard is an ex Rotarian from Western Victoria and is encouraged by the work that Rotary has done throughout the world. After a difficult opening period, the hospital is now achieving the top 25% of success indicators including clinical outcomes and risk avoidance. There is now almost 2000 staff who care for hundreds of patients a week throughout the hospital. When the Government put the plans together it did not include intervention cardiology. Paramedics were told to take coronary patients directly to North Shore even though the equipment is now there. It provides 24/7 on call for the nurses, radiographers, cardiologists, surgeons etc. It is now an elective service at the hospital, but not 24/7. Negotiations are currently underway to treat patients for open-heart surgery and other interventions. For all the difficulties the hospital has experienced since opening, Richard said it has received literally hundreds of stories about great experiences that have taken place.
Andrew Newton has spent all his working life in the public health service, starting his career as a Registered Nurse. He has spent many years in operating theatres and hospital management. Andrew has noted a great sense of teamwork between the staff who are demonstrating pride and commitment. His goal is for excellent patient experience, good quality care and patient safety. Every quarter the Government checks on various aspects of the hospital management/ operation (for example how quickly patients are dealt with from arrival until treatment.) Northern Beaches Hospital achieved 99.7% in this category that is above the State average. (They don’t want ambulances waiting at the hospital.) The hospital is getting organized with a sense of pride and achievement and now needs to move forward. Management is investigating ways to improve communication with staff, for example short video messages that staff can see at any time because the hospital operates 24/7. The hospital needs engagement with all staff, even those working at night. Later this year the hospital will undergo National Standards Accreditation. This Accreditation process includes checking on how the hospital is set up, medication management, falls prevention, infection control, etc. All of these aspects of care are important to patients and staff. How do we ensure good standards of care and minimise the errors? Andrew reiterated that people who are stressed should talk about their issues – “Raise the flags and work together”.
Richard explained the great difficulty Health Scope experienced when the hospital opened that included closing both Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals at the same time and immediately opening the Northern Beaches hospital. It was not possible to do this within the 48 hours that was hoped. The cultures of Mona Vale and Manly Hospitals were completely different. There were new clinical services and new IT systems to learn. The number of people coming in the door during the opening period was much greater than anticipated (three times the number). Richard also mentioned the extent of the alcohol and drug problem in the area that exacerbated initial difficulties. (The hospital is the second busiest emergency in NSW that is similar to the inner city.) Richard suggested our Club might investigate ways that we can help by contacting community-based organisations that work with young adults.
Three of our Club members expressed satisfaction with their experiences at the hospital both about staff and the care they received. There was discussion about public and private interaction in the same facility and Andrew stressed that within the hospital private and public health care is the same.
When asked about the roads and traffic issue, Richard said that he was not aware of all the past planning. He said there was significant engagement with community organisations on the North Shore including the difficulty of flooding of Wakehurst Parkway. Accommodation for staff was discussed. Richard said that the hospital is recruiting from overseas and accommodation is a problem. He suggested that Community groups get involved. (For example Rotary clubs in Brisbane built an accommodation service for such a need). There was discussion about how different management of patients will be in the future, for example a lifestyle health record for personal use that brings together things in the home. It communicates that information into a record that can link to general practitioner, pharmacist etc. and promote wellness and not illness. Telstra is investing money in R & D for services and community engagement.
Ken thanked both Richard and Andrew for their time today and invited them back in about twelve months so that we can hear how things have progressed in that time.  
FUN RUN REVIEW – Doug Miller
  • The fun run netted approximately $100,000  ($20,000 from sponsors, $68,000 from registrations and to date $35,000 from charities). Expenses about $21,000.  There will be approximately $67,000 left after the Charities have received their $35,000. Lifeline exceeded their target, Bushlink achieved theirs and Pioneer Clubhouse almost.
  • Last year there were 1300 participants against about 2,300 this year.
  • Thirteen banners were placed in the area this year that was seven more than last year.  
  • To date there have been 300 responses to the survey. Overall satisfaction was good and 80% said they would like September again next year. Negative feedback included insufficient signs and congestion on the 5k and 10k route at ICMS.
  • Doug suggested we should try and improve festivities next year.
  • Jay will be organising dedicated meetings/working groups with sector leaders to review the areas that need improvement.
  • Doug confirmed that he will be handing over all the fun run files to the Club including a prototype model for next year.
  • There are key roles necessary to make a successful fun run including:
  1. Approvals
  2. Police negotiations
  3. Routes and sections
  4. Sponsors and in kind supporters (three already for next year)
  5. Designated charities  (this year started with ten and need to look at best ones)
  6. Traffic Control (sector leaders need to be intimately connected with it).
  7. Festivities
  8. Event coordination (sound, camera etc.)
  9. Publicity  (websites, press, etc. )
  10. Signage, posters, etc. to put up and take down
  11. Insurance  (ACNC, legal matters etc.)
  12. Notices to residents
  13. Data management
  14. Volunteer management
Ken Hopley thanked Doug and Marieken for all their work over the last year saying that if we can’t continue it is totally lost. “The king must ensure a success in the future.”
21/09/2019 Market Stall at Manly Village School
23/09/2019  Dinner with RI President Mark Maloney 6.30pm The Deckhouse, Woolwich
26/09/2019 Clean up the Shed at Pioneer Club House (Jay, Susie, Norm and at least one other volunteer please)
13/10/2019 Wellness Walk
24/10/2019 Train Ride to end Polio
25/10/2019 ADI Annual Dinner Manly Golf Club $150pp
26/10/2019 Trivia Night Belrose Rotary Club
 07/02/2020 Farewell for Dave Darcy at ICMS - details to be confirmed
March 2020
20/03/2020 District Conference in Wollongong
Future Guest Speakers/Assemblies
17/09/201 Assembly
24/09/2019 Eleni Psillikas - to talk about mental health (Eleni is also a health and Fitness instructor)
01/10/2019 Youth Assembly - Evelyn and James - Membership forum
08/10/2019 Melanie Koeman - Waves for Water (International)
15/10/2019 Kalma McLelland - DG
20/10/2019 Graham Kinder - SES (health and safety)
29/10/2019 Assembly
05/11/2019 Shannon Nevin - Walk'n'Talk for Life (mental health and suicide prevention)
12/11/2019 Cathy Booth from Umoja Orphanage Kenya will give an update on her projects at Umoja.
26/11/2019 Assembly
17/12/2019 Assembly
RAFFLE: No raffle this week
NEXT MEETING:  17 September 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk - Evelyn Ciocco;  Notes - Susie Morgan, Sergeant - John Pack
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