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Hi Everyone
Firstly a great big thank you to David Park and Beverley Leahy for the distribution of the Bowel Cancer checks to pharmacies in our area (and beyond!). Such an important and worthwhile thing to do and could save many lives with early detection.
It was a busy week with the Rotary District Conference on last weekend. There were so many inspirational speakers and worthwhile charities to support. One lady in particular was a stand-out.
Libby Bleakley from the Rotary Club of Blackheath was unashamed about her Parramatta roots and love of the “Westies”.  She has been a police officer for nearly 30 years specializing in crime prevention, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, victim support and Indigenous issues. Libby visited a prison in Mexico and implemented a program of criminal rehabilitation, delivered by ex-drug cartels. Libby found herself working with the Federal Police in East Timor where she was inspired to establish a “Learning Centre for Youth and Community”. She and a friend acquired some land for which they pay $10000 pa. They have built a safe haven for people that include recreational facilities, a gym, teaching area and sewing facilities. Since setting up the Centre in 2016 there have been no murders or machette attacks in the town. There are eight Timorese staff including five women and 120 children attend the school.
Libby told us several stories about successes with young people who are now mentors for others coming in for care. The young people are taking responsibility for cleaning up their town (every Sunday they go round and collect garbage for suitable disposal) and making sure people are treated with respect. The women took it upon themselves to sew aprons which they took around to businesses in town and made $A200 in one day. Plus Fitness helped enormously with equipment for the gym and continues to support the program. Libby has now started roasting and selling Timorese coffee with 100% profit going to her Centre. She has written a book “On a Mission” about her life (I have started reading the book that talks about her early life when she was a victim of abuse and domestic violence – (no wonder she is focusing now on helping others who have experienced the same).
During afternoon tea after her talk, people were six deep purchasing her coffee, aprons and book. Good on her and what an ideal platform for requesting donations and selling items, the profit from which goes directly to her charity. (District Conferences are such ideal occasions for charities to talk about their projects).
We should perhaps talk to our designated charities that may be interested in taking a Show stand at the next District Conference and telling their own stories.
Next week we are having an Assembly Club meeting to talk about the future of our Club and your input will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week


Tuesday 26 March 2019

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:   Lynne Shori, Barbara Gardiner, David Brown, Ken Hopley, Ginny Parker, George McLelland, Robert Jones

Duties:   Desk – Evelyn Ciocco Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms – Norm Thomson


Welcome to our visitors Patrick on holiday from California and Chris Chapman from FAME
Diary Dates:
06/04/2019  Aspect Vern Barnett School (Autism Spectrum Australia) Volunteers Beverly, Ted, Robyn, John Warren, Susie, Matt. 9.30am at 41 Cook Street, Forestville with rake and spade! BBQ provided
14/04/2019  District Assembly for incoming Board/Committee Members
27/04/2019  District meeting regarding the concept of creating a new Rotary District in Greater Sydney (Hornsby RSL 9.00am) 
30/04/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
4&18/05/2019 RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) training District Office, Thornleigh $75 including lunch etc.
28/05/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
1&2/06/2019 RLI training as above
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLellan
06/07/2019 District Changeover Dinner at Hornsby RSL 6.00pm
01/09/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
GUEST SPEAKER CHRIS CHAPMAN representing FAME an organization that saves endangered flora and fauna.
FAME was established in 1993 working with Earth Sanctuaries to create protected areas and restore populations of endangered species including Numbats, Boodies, Bridled Nailtail Wallabies, Melleefowl and Mainland Mala.
FAME has also funded wildlife surveys, education programs and research into projects such as the cause of fungal disease of platypus, the health impacts of fox baiting on endangered and zone species in WA and the effects of toxoplasosis on native mammals.
FAME’s Vision is to prevent any further extinction of Australian flora and fauna. Its Mission is dedication to helping Australian species most at risk of extinction and to fund on-ground conservation outcomes with a focus on seed-funding and innovation.
Chris said that a total of 126 species are under threat with endangered species 711. He said feral cats, foxes, pigs (and humans) are the main problem. Interestingly wildlife thrives where there are dingoes as they take out foxes and cats.
Successes have included:
  • The Western Quoll which was on the verge of extinction and now back and thriving in the Flinders Ranges, where it has been extinct for over 100 years.
  • The Brush-Tailed Possum is being reintroduced to the Flinders Ranges.
  • The cane toad is being impeded and hopefully stopped.
  • Development of way to reduce feral cat numbers.
  • Native flora, under pressure is being regenerated in areas where FAME is active.
  • The Spiny Daisy that was thought to be extinct was found on the side of a freeway and Indigenous people helped to save it and is now prolific in SA.
  • Forty Tasmanian Devils cured of facial tumors have been re-located on a 500ha site at Barrington Tops (near Scone).
  • Four lots of 20 Tasmanian Devils have been returned to SA in a fenced area, as safe as possible from ferals.
Use of the Barrington Tops property was donated by Kerry Packer at a cost of $1 pa for 30 years. Gretel (his daughter) now owns the property and granted more land (they now have 2000ha) for the purpose of saving NSW endangered species.
Susie gave the Club members feedback from the District Conference at Newcastle that included a number of interesting speakers. The Showcase Stand was a success for our Club with many Rotarians showing interest in the sanitation and feminine hygiene projects. There were around 500 delegates and many opportunities to donate to several very worthwhile charities.
The Manly/Freshwater Scout hall renovation is progressing slowly though they hope to start the renovations soon. Once the ground floor area is completed, there may be an opportunity for our Club to assist with the facelift for upstairs that will include kitchen, bathroom and recreation areas.
We received a letter from Gemma Sisia - St Jude's School in Tanzania:-

I've just touched down back in Tanzania, having loved meeting so many of you during our whirlwind tour to Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. We hope you were inspired by what we're achieving at St Jude's and the huge role you play in helping us make it happen. See what we got up to in our photo gallery below.

Whilst Godwin and I were on the road, St Jude's was a hive of activity. We had a brilliant team of health professionals with us for two weeks, assessing our students to make sure they're in optimum health - useful for those who ran the 5km race at the Kilimanjaro Marathon Event! 
We also celebrated International Women's Day, the theme this year - 'Balance for Better'. Empowering speeches and songs, written from the heart, by our female students and staff inspired the gathered assembly to redress the balance for women in Tanzania.

I'm proud that St Jude's is always striving to achieve 'Balance for Better', whether that's equality of opportunity, cultural understanding or ensuring our students are inspired inside and outside the classroom.  

Thank you all for the part you play,

NEXT MEETING:  9 April 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom
Volunteer Hours
Please provide to Beverley Leahy on a weekly basis
SERGEANTS SESSION AND CROSS FINES – Thank you Norm for volunteering for this onerous task at the last minute!
Won by Robyn Waters who generously donated it to John Warren as she will be away next week.
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk Evelyn Ciocco, Notes Susie Morgan, Sergeant Tracy Rushmer
PETS Training Review
PETS  March 2019 hosted by Ryde Rotary
The day was productive and helpful but there was one speaker who I think is worthy of some Bulletin space. He was optimistic about Rotary’s capacity to change for the era if it is in touch with that era. Graham Kenny is an expert in performance and strategy measurements in business.
In this capacity he spoke to his fellow Rotarians and made some observations worth sharing.
Rotary has an image problem:
  • Young people join single issue organisations eg Clean up Australia. Therefore sell Rotary as an organisation that does particular things for particular groups
  • Service above self is the wrong motto for today. The Right motto is Change the world for the Better. Emphasis on action.
  • Competitors for providing networks are numerous. What is our point of difference?
  • Important to look after a club’s own members. They are the most important asset of a club
  • Clubs need to be designed in a spirit of co-creation. Ask the younger generation to critically appraise how our club works and move on to help design a new club to meet the needs of all. This approach has the future in the foreground.
  • Pay particular attention to time honoured rituals of Rotary and consider whether they serve today’s needs. Co-creation is a vital working tool here. Historically, Rotary began in an Industrial era. Today those business structures are often out-moded; the hierarchy of authority being the most obvious.
Exercise: Ask your children why they would not join a Rotary club? Collect data on this.
  • Use a sergeant’s session to encourage positive over negative thinking. Should, must, the old days are expressions worthy of a fine. Make the fines’ session more focussed on the outcome you wish for…
Graham recommended two books for Rotarians to read:
  1. Factfulness: 10 reasons we’re wrong about the world and things are better than you think  by Anna, Hans and Ola Rosling
  2. Enlightenment Now  by Stephen Pinker
These books will help us change our mindset in a positive way about the future!
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