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Hi again everyone

Having just come back from seven days’ sailing in The Whitsundays I can well understand why a warmer climate appeals – together with the sheer bliss of being away from computers (and grant applications!) for a week.  Our best wishes go to Susie as she too takes her turn for seven days in Cairns.

In a couple of weeks’ time we have our first Board meeting for our new office bearers. We thank them for their involvement, but want to throw down a more critical challenge: to ensure that between them they engage all other Club members, in teams focused on their particular areas of responsibility, to produce real, needed, and practical community service goals, together with the plans and metrics through which we can see how they are tracking and where as a Club we can help.

Only in this way will we be able to ‘make a real difference’ in the way we have challenged ourselves in our Mission: to become known justifiably as ‘the go-to Service Club on the Northern Beaches’.  It's what ‘Service above Self’ is about.  And importantly, it gives others in our community something THEY want to know more about in their search for an organisation that ‘gives something back’ – hopefully, leading them to join us, as well.

Membership itself is one of our greatest challenges. We don’t want to leave a legacy. What we owe to each other, and to the community we support, is a Club that continues to grow: in its appeal (particularly to younger members), in its impact, and its commitment to doing more, better, from here-on.

Let’s ensure as a start we have a big turn-out to welcome our newest member, someone who clearly shares these goals, next week.

Cheers and I hope everyone has a great week.


PS.   Regarding ‘younger members’, please have a look at RI International President’s comments below, on one of our greatest sources of future Club prospects, our local Rotaract members.

How will you help build the future of Rotary?

My dear friends and fellow Rotary leaders,
As we look ahead toward Rotary’s new Strategic Plan, one thing is very clear: to build the Rotary of the future, we need to be working much harder to develop Rotary leadership for the future. That means engaging a younger generation in Rotary service, and doing more to welcome and encourage service-minded young professionals into the Rotary family.
Fifty years ago, Rotary launched a program designed to do just that: Rotaract. In many ways, Rotaract has been astonishingly successful. Today, we have a quarter of a million Rotaractors, serving in about 10,000 clubs.
Yet as successful as Rotaract has been in its service and its growth, Rotary has largely failed to support Rotaract in becoming the incubator for Rotarians that we hoped it would be. Only 27% of Rotary clubs sponsor a Rotaract club, and only a tiny percentage of the talented and motivated people who serve in Rotaract go on to serve in Rotary.
It’s my goal this year to turn all of that around: both by doubling (yes, you read that right—
doubling) the number of Rotary club sponsoring Rotaract clubs, and making sure that every Rotaract club is fully embraced by Rotary. I want to approach that work in a strategic way, by building Rotaract clubs that are community based, with young people who are going to stay in the same area where Rotary clubs are already waiting to welcome them. Barry Rassin


Tuesday 7th August 2018
Affirmation And Toast
We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary.Toast to Australia
Apologies:  David Brown, Joy Thompson, Evelyn Ciocco, Ted and Robyn Waters, Beverley Leahy, Susie Morgan, Bojana Deskov, Rhiannon Bunting, Norm Thomson
Duties:     Desk – John Pack;  Notes - Sherry Midgley;  Sergeant-at-Arms – Ty Stokoe
Welcome: Jenny Mawter (prospective member), and John Warren, back from Europe


Club News

Club Changeover dinner for 2019 has been fixed for Tuesday June 18 and will include District Governor Kalma McLellan – venue to be decided. ICMS?
Board Meeting 28 August 2018 ..  Committee Team Leader plans by 20 August please to Susie and Doug (Community Service - Vivien Coulson and Robert Jones, International - Lynne Shori, George McLelland and Tracy Rushmer, Youth Support – Evelyn Ciocco and Andrea Hogan, Membership - Ken Hopley and Jack Pack, Public Relations – Sherry Midgley)
Board meetings will be held bi-monthly
Member News
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  “Happy Birthday” Andrea Hogan
District News
Dates for 2019 – please diarise!
16 March 2019 President Elect Training (compulsory Training for 2019/2020 Presidents,
29-31 March 2019 District Conference in Newcastle, 14 April 2019 District Assembly – training for Club Board Members and Executives,
29 June 2019 District Changeover
Drought Relief Support –  Unanimous agreement on $1000 Club contribution (through bales) to Drought Relief Support
Further agreed we try to raise money for Drought Relief through shaking buckets outside Manly Wharf – Doug to follow up on approvals/signage and with District re recognition of Club contribution. Timings TBD at next Tuesday’s breakfast meeting.Other donations via (tax deductible).
Rotary signage/publicity - Rob is continuing to work with Manly Council to get old Rotary signage updated and moved. Doug to follow up on accessibility of other sites (eg wharf precinct)
Manly Information Centre  has agreed to have Manly Rotary flyers in the information centre.
Rotaract Meetings – Ty Stokoe spoke about the roster to attend Rotaract meetings. Susie and Doug to attend the next Rotaract meeting in August and Viv and Rob to attend the following meeting on 10th Sept.
Volunteer hours and donations made for the year 2017-2018 to Norm Thomson please. We need a back-fill for the Secretary position whilst Norm is away. Please talk to Doug if you can take this job on.
Ken Hopley referred to Manly Seniors Club’s invitation to their morning tea of 5 September at 10am. (Pittwater Rd) 99763229. Manly Rotary club founded the Manly Seniors Club and they would love for club members to attend  David Park and John Pack volunteered
Invitation from PCYC Northern Beaches to conduct a morning breakfast meeting at their premises accepted  (Susie to liase - date to be decided)
KEY ACTIVITY: ASSEMBLY - Ken Hopley Membership recruitment strategies
Some key thoughts: 
Membership is the biggest challenge Rotary is facing, world-wide. Would all please look at RI President Barry Rassin’s key messages on District’s website:  Be The Inspiration -- Membership Message from 2018-19 Rotary President Barry Rassin
Manly Rotary has an established profile and reputation locally because of our proven ability through the Fun Run to make significant practical contributions to deserving causes;  and importantly, we have significant backing from our key civic leaders.
We need to find better ways capitalise on these things, projecting more innovative appeal PARTICULARLY to a younger demographic.
Our challenge: a nett increase of at least five members over 2018-19
Ideas to generate new members (to be developed further with key responsibilities agreed at next week’s meeting)
· Veterans /Soldier On could be a good avenue for prospective members
· Rotaract relationship needs further development
· Building relations within the community – PR-focused prospective member breakfasts
· Look at different types of membership/engagement options (corporate/family/social)
· Inviting Manly Fun Run volunteers
· Publicise who the guest speakers are, inviting other people to attend to listen to guest speakers
· Review past members
· Target Chamber of Commerce (attending as guest speaker)
· Publicity Actions (Generate posters/publicise community projects e.g. drought relief/review brochures to attract younger members/signage - can we have a permanent one outside Royal Far West?/Review website/social media/improve Rotary image)

Ty Stokoe again found enough guilt round the table to extract funds for the box.
Raffle -Sherry


Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
Joke of the week

Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 7th August 2018