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Welcome to our Club
We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
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Tuesday, 8th May 2018
Affirmation And Toast. We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Norm Thomson, Lynne Shori, Maggie and John Shanahan, Ken Hopley, Tracy Rushmer, Robert Jones, Beverley Leahy,

Welcome:  Prospective members Evelyn Ciacco, Rhiannon Bunting and Joy Thompson

                   Honorary Members - James Griffin, Dave Darcy, Candy Bingham, Mike Regan

Duties: Desk – Beverley Leahy; Notes – Sherry Midgley; Sergeant-at-Arms – Vivien Coulson


Club News                

1.  Reminder for 13 June (International Convention Centre volunteer details) Ken, Norm, Susie, Beverley, Doug, Robert and Tracy.

2. Manly Hospital farewell celebrations – week beginning 8 October 2018 and Farewell Fair on Sunday 14 October (volunteers required)

3. James Griffin’s first year Anniversary Dinner Saturday 12 May Novotel Manly Pacific $155 per person ($1500 table of ten). Enquiries 0432498014

Member News     

John Shanahan is still in and out of hospital and Maggie providing her consistent support during this difficult time for both of them

District News  

May District News – RI President Ian Risely has requested Districts and Clubs to donate a special grant of $1500 in addition to normal giving to END POLIO NOW. Also Clubs are requested to include special promotions within their annual programs to celebrate World Polio Day on 24 October and Rotary’s birthday on 24 February every year. Also Districts and Clubs are urged to continue the search for The Rotary Foundation Major donors at $US10000 each.

Vocational Service Directors emailed about the Rotary Emergency Service Communities Award night and the Rotary Inspirational Woman Award (awarded to women who best exemplify Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self above and beyond their regular role.


Dates: Post fun run social 15 June

Changeover dinner 28 July

Members discussed the option of paying Rotary dues monthly by direct debit. Barbara to confirm if we can provide multiple options to pay monthly, 6 monthly or annual.

Manly Fun Run Update
Marketing - Banners are in the process of going up, thanks to Candy for promoting on social media and James for making the video that is up on our website. Flyers still being distributed and promoting heavily on facebook and Instagram
Logistics - Kennards have agreed to supply road barriers and cones for free
A friend of Doug's is also printing all the signage up for free
Approvals - All approvals are in however we are just waiting for National Trust to give their sign off approval
Volunteers - Volunteers required for mail drops to all residents. This needs to be done twice so we will need lots of help
KEY ACTIVITY – HONORARY MEMBERS Dave Darcy, Michael Regan, Candy Bingham, James Griffin.
James Griffin
On Saturday night James will be celebrating 12 months on the job and told the club that he was thoroughly enjoying serving the community.  He thanked Manly Rotary Club for assisting Stand Tall, both Stand Tall and him really appreciated the support given to them.
James then discussed the issue of homelessness on the Norther Beaches. He said that the recent Census did show there has been an increase in homelessness on the Northern Beaches. The numbers said there were 122 in Manly, and greater numbers in the wider area. He explained that Manly is a good location for people, especially homeless men to come as it is clean and safe.  The new Mission Australia facility has opened up behind the Mall which is good however there was a gap in services for a time until it opened.
There was a discussion on the challenge of property prices in the area and the lack of development to provide shelter. James also explained there was a bad perception of providing housing because lots of community members don't want it in their street. The Manly hospital site is not zoned for residential so it can't be used for this use.
Dave Darcy
Dave recommended we approach SES, BushGuard, Surf LifeSaving to assist with volunteers for the fun run.
Dave explained that one of the major challenges in the area at the moment is the increase in violence between the ages of 14-18. Youth drug counselling have said there is a 25% increase in youth taking a combination of Valium, Xanax and alcohol which makes children aggressive. It is very challenging problem and is spread throughout Northern Beaches. Dave said that the problem was coming from a small group, about 40 people and they were getting it from family members or buying it on dark web.
They are also currently dealing with the issue of East Esplanade. There has been an increase in the amount of people coming over to Manly and drinking on that site. It doesn't have much crime but there is a small group of residents that is very opposed to it.
Dave said that suicide is also another issue that they are trying to tackle. There has been another suicide off the point this week. We are now equal in suicide numbers to South Head. They are lobbying to put a telephone tower in there, to help track potential suicides. The challenge is that the signals from the phones can't be tracked due to signals bouncing all over the place. This is something we can collectively work together to implement.
Candy Bingham
Candy talked about some of the positive things that the council have implemented. The council has been going since Oct 2017 and 80% of the staff live in the local area so they know what the issues are.
So far the council has worked on improving the ocean front toilets, library toilets and the Whistler street carpark has been renovated.
They are currently working on the East Esplanade issue and are taking steps to improve the area. It has taken a lot of the councils time, but the 8pm curfew is working well and night rangers are now patrolling the area.
Candy explained that the council holds lots of consultation sessions and she wanted to invite everyone in the community to the next one which is discussion the work on the strategic plan. Its going to be held on Monday 14th May, 6pm at the Town Hall.
Candy also informed the club members that the council now had a very good customer service line, number is 1300 434 434. Any issues and challenges call this number and they will put you through to someone to help.
Michael Regan
Michael discussed the council budget which is $500million now. He explained that there maybe a 2.3%CPI rate rise which will equal a $30 increase however the amalgamation of the councils has saved residents $95 in waste rates. One of the focuses at the moment is looking at Transport and the new hospital site. 
They are pushing for a bus from Dee Why to Chatswood to assist with transport when the new hospital opens and they are meeting to discuss this next week.
Michal explained that he was trying to manage the issue that 29 wharves were taken out the budget, so they haven't been maintained and need to find the money.  He said with regards to the $90 million debt, $50m had now been paid off. Although they have money for some projects there is a skill shortage of project managers to work on the projects.
Michael also mentioned that the Grants are now out so they are going through that process.


SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES finely led by Vivien

RAFFLE - Susie

Vivid Cruise
Manly Fun Run
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 8th May 2018