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BULLETIN NOTES 3 September 2019
Editor Susie Morgan

Affirmation and Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Lynne Shori, David Brown, Barbara Gardiner, Norm Thomson

Duties:  Desk –Evelyn Ciocco Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - John Pack

Welcome: Denis Rosario from Sydney Cove Rotary (good to see you again). Jodi Lawton and Vanessa Palfreeman from Caring for Kiriwina 

Birthday:  None to report this week 


Kiriwina is a coral Island with a population of 55,000. Climate change is an issue - parts of the island have already disappeared. There is one medical centre, however no medical officer. There are two nurses but no resources to cope with pregnant women and birthing. Local women help each other with the birthing process. There is no appropriate sanitation or electricity on the island. Jodi and Vanessa organise birthing kits for the Island women to increase the chances of a healthy outcome. Two women from the Royal Womens Hospital in Randwick conducted training for the women in 2017 - 170 local women turned up for the sessions. Jodi and Vanessa are going to Kiriwina again next month for another training session for the locals. Contraception has been tried with little success so far - the implants caused problems with their mental health. The average number of children per family is now 13. Jodi and Vanessa are also attempting to help in other ways, for example with sanitation and clean water. At present the village toilets are over the ocean where children also wash and play. Disposal of waste is also a major problem with no solution at present. Although the Island is very poor they are not poverty stricken. They are self sufficient and manage to survive with social networking and families contributing/working together. There is quite good ground water with pumps however the pump broke with no person available to fix (rust). In the meanwhile locals relied on rainwater for drinking. The organisation recently received an Australian Government Grant  and will use this to replace water pumps in three villages and they have found a local now who is able to help with sanitation. Lynne Shori is also in contact with Jodi and Vanessa with advice on how best to proceed. Jodi and Vanessa mentioned also that there are Rotary Clubs from Australia helping on the Island.


FUN RUN (Doug)
Doug said he had set a personal goal of $100,000 gross for the run this year and this was achieved. The 10k course was maximised with a key focus on promotion via a digital marketing strategy. Special thanks in this regard to Marieken, Ginny and her family, as well as James for his work on the website. This should be a platform for the future at the same time focusing on the designated charities - (a) they recruit more runners and (b) they raise funds for themselves. They are our successes too with additional participants. Total registrants this year was 2242 (with 200 registering on the day). We received sponsorship in cash of $20,000 and (so far) uncounted "in kind" donations. Highest cost is Multisport at over $10,000 followed by marketing/advertising. We shall be conducting a post event survey of participants, team leaders and volunteers. There were 160 responses in two hours as a result of our initial survey. Doug hopes that in future the run can grow at the same time keeping it enjoyable and safe.  
We need to conduct post run feedback sessions with team leaders and to form a committee for next year as soon as possible. Jay reported that the Clontarf Foundation boys were "terrific" on the day as well as the McKellar girls and Scouts. He mentioned that three men put in an enormous amount of time working over 12 hours straight. Review of the strategy for putting out the equipment will help in organising this task for next year. Jay suggested we bring in people from outside our club to be on the committee next year, for example McKellar and ICMS. 
15/09/2019 UNBR Big Dig - Treasure Hunt at Newport Beach
21/09/2019 Market Stall at Manly Village School
23/09/2019  Dinner with RI President Mark Maloney 6.30pm The Deckhouse, Woolwich
26/09/2019 Clean up the Shed at Pioneer Club House (Jay, Susie, Norm and another volunteer)
13/10/2019 Wellness Walk
24/10/2019 Train Ride to end Polio
25/10/2019 ADI Annual Dinner Manly Golf Club $150pp
26/10/2019 Trivia Night Belrose Rotary Club
 Farewell for Dave Darcy
March 2020
20/03/2020 District Conference in Wollongong
Future Guest Speakers
10/09/2019 Richard Royle CEO Northern Beaches Hospital 
17/09/201 Shannon Nevin - Walk'n'Talk for Life (mental health and suicide prevention)
24/09/2019 Eleni Psillikas - to talk about mental health (Eleni is also a health and Fitness instructor)
01/10/2019 Youth Assembly - Evelyn Ciocco
15/10/2019 Kalma McLelland - DG
20/10/2019 Graham Kinder - SES (health and safety)
12/11/2019 Cathy Booth from Umoja Orphanage Kenya will give an update on her projects at Umoja.
RAFFLE: Susie won 
NEXT MEETING:  10 September 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom
KEY ACTIVITY: GUEST SPEAKER - Richard Royle, Acting CEO Northern Beaches Hospital and Fun Run
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk - Evelyn Ciocco;  Notes - Susie Morgan, Sergeant - John Pack
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