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Hi there again
As mentioned at today’s breakfast, Susie and I attended our last District Presidents’ meeting for the 2018-19 year last Saturday.
One of the key points discussed was whether we should go any further with considering the possibility of a merger with Sydney’s other District - in which case we’d be contemplating the second of such mergers within (if my memory serves me correctly) the last five years.   By the narrowest of margins (one vote) that motion was lost.
Why? NOT because we have a membership problem (which we have!), but because a merger by itself would do nothing to fix it.
Sanity has prevailed. But the problem remains – and ‘fixing it’ continues to be one of our most pressing challenges.
All of which is why it’s been pleasing to see some real debate about root causes in our recent (and ongoing) Assemblies – and to feel the sense of urgency among our members to address them.
It won’t be easy: ‘traditionalists’ may well need to accept that ‘old ways’ no longer ‘grab’. But do we really understand who they are, or what prospective future members might want? And to what extent would they also be prepared to ‘give and take’ as we continue to fulfil our mission …                                                                            
“to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders”
To date we’ve resolved the ‘easy’ bit: recognising the need for not one but three different types of membership better suited to the needs of service-oriented but often nevertheless time poor people – people who want to ‘get on with it’ without being bogged down by some of Rotary’s formalities and trappings.
So: we are now entering the world of Formal Members, Corporate Members, and Friends of Rotary. A good start.
But as highlighted last week we still have some other quite contentious issues to review: for example, when and where to meet, how often, and with what kinds of agendas – not forgetting also how best to focus on maintaining a bias for action, but nevertheless remaining inclusive, personally rewarding and always having fun.
We’re on the right track. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Affirmation and Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Barbara Gardiner, David Brown, Ted and Robyn Waters, Richard Schroder, John Warren, George McLelland, Robert Jones, Norm Thomson, Evelyn Ciocco

Duties:   Desk – David Park  Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - Ginny Parker


Committee Reports - International
Lynne Shori reported that $139,000 has been spent on projects this year and are all tracking within budget. Funding on three projects will end in the next three months. The sanitation project that was started in the Manly Rotary Club is progressing well in PNG. New projects may include Umoja Orphanage water conservation and the possibility of an early childhood education project to teach women in PNG how to be early childhood trainers. The Edmund Rice Foundation may be interested in partnering or funding this project.
The committee raised the matter of how we can build the profile of Manly Rotary Club and two suggestions were made:
  • For our designated charities to promote their involvement in the Manly Fun Run and Walk at the Manly Ferry and  
  • To look again at taking a stall at the Manly Public School monthly market to advertise and promote Manly Rotary Club and the work that we do.
Wantaim PNG is looking for a book-keeper and treasurer if anyone has any contacts.
Members at the meeting agreed that both suggestions for promoting Manly Rotary should be initiated. Doug to include on the agenda of the next designated charities fun run meeting about the ferry wharf promotion (6 June) and Susie to follow up with Robert Jones about the Manly Public School market. It was also agreed to source a person/company who would be able to make a banner for the market stall and for future events.
Namibia Botswana Adventure - Ginny Parker
Ginny gave a fascinating precis of her trip to Africa. Ginny and Linton went with a small group of colleagues for three and a half weeks. Ginny wanted to understand more about the culture of the area though it was mostly just fun. They travelled 4000 kms on the trip. There is a new era of colonialisation in Africa now. The Chinese are very active in supplying money and loans for infrastructure – roads, rail etc. and they control the media. In most cases the Chinese government brings in Chinese workers to carry out the work.  There are six million people in the country and 120,000 taxpayers so tourism is important to them. There is a big push to have more and more eco lodges. Photos of the Valley of the Dead showed a desolate area where so many of the trees are petrified because there is so little moisture in the air. Colours are similar to those in Australia with vivid reds, orange and ochre. The termites are food for a lot of animals and birds, so very often trees grow beside the termite mound. At one of the lodges they slept on the roof at night with a display of extraordinary stars in the night sky. The group spent a day with bushmen where the bushmen dug a two meter pit beneath a termite mound and found two porcupines that they then killed. They built a fire (rubbing fire sticks together) and ate the heart, liver and kidneys as their treat. They then took the kill back to their village to share. These skills would be lost without tourism that is so vital to their livelihood. The bushmen spoke no English but indicated the group had given them luck in finding their meal. The group sighted many animals including Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, Warthogs, Zebras and Giraffe.
Feedback from Presidents’ meeting.
A vote was taken at the meeting about whether or not to consider the possibility of two Districts merging. The vote was NO 27 and YES 26. As a result District Governor Susan Wakefield asked that Presidents convene a small working group to discuss the ways in which they feel that the District can move forward in the areas of membership and brand awareness. Items to be considered may include:
  • What specifically does the group want/need from District in order to be successful in the areas of membership and communication with the general public?
  • What strategies would assist clubs to be better known in their communities?
  • What additional tools/activities could be developed to assist growth in public awareness and public interest?
Manly Rotary Club changeover dinner 18 June 2019
It was agreed to go ahead with a changeover dinner this year. Club members are asked to contact incoming President Ken Hopley ( of their intention to attend. Family and friends are especially welcome. Depending on numbers, a venue will be decided for the evening – checking with Wakehurst Golf Club, Balgowlah RSL and Sebel Manly. Our new District Governor Kalma KcLellan will be there and invitations extended to our Honorary Members. The outgoing Presidents will present their Report and Ken will talk about he and his Director’s plans for 2019-2020. To date we have ten confirmations to attend; we look forward to all Club members joining us.
District Changeover dinner – Hornsby RSL 6.30pm $55.00 per person
As for the above we look forward to our Club members attending this annual function.  Please contact Doug Miller ( if you are able to attend. To date we have Doug, Susie, James and Ginny who have confirmed their attendance.
Board Meeting/Club Meeting 28 May 2019
We will conduct our final Board Meeting for this year at our regular morning Club meeting.  It is probable that this meeting will go over the regular time however we should finish around 8.30am. We hope all Club/Board members can be at this meeting that will include handover to the new Board.
Change of Membership Category
At our last meeting it was decided to include two additional categories of membership to our Club.
  • Corporate (Charity and Commercial)
  • Friend of Rotary
After some discussion it was decided, but may not be limited to:
Friend of Rotary
  • No fee to become a Friend of Rotary.
  • Be recognized with an “official” letter from the Rotary Club of Manly thanking them for their volunteering in various projects.
  • Be invited to attend regular Club meetings.
  • Receive a copy of our regular Bulletin.
  • Be invited to social function(s) that may be held throughout the year.
  • No voting rights.
Corporate Membership
Charity organisations
  • Be invited as members, with any nominated representative from their charity to attend regular meetings/events/functions.
  • The same annual fee as regular Club members.
  • Voting rights.
  • Receive a copy of our regular Bulletin.
Corporate commercial organisations
  • All as for Charity organisations however for a fee relative to the benefits they receive by being a corporate member. (Fee to be decided)
Promotion of the new categories will start at the Designated Charities Fun Run promotion/publicity meeting to be held at 9.00am Lifeline Balgowlah on 6 June.  In addition a Membership Category Guideline will be developed to confirm the above that was discussed today. An email to all current volunteers for the fun run inviting them to become a Friend (and existing Friends) was also suggested and agreed.
General matters for next meeting
  • Check our current fee structure as it is more than Rotary International charges us. (Ask Barbara Gardiner if she could review our expenses to check whether there is a possibility our fees can be reduced).
  • Decide on the structure of meetings in the future (eg. Guest speaker, Assembly, Five by me) or some other format.
  • Frequency of meetings.
  • Review of venue for meetings and whether this should be changed in any way.
John Pack won the raffle
Thank you Ginny for your most entertaining and successful impromptu Sergeants session.
Next week:
Desk – Evelyn Ciocco, Notes – Susie , Sergeant - TBD
Diary Dates:
4&18/05/2019 RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) training District Office, Thornleigh $75 including lunch etc.
28/05/2019  Key volunteer Fun Run meeting - Pioneer Clubhouse 7.00pm
1&2/06/2019 RLI training as above
06/06/2019 Designated Charities Fun Run Meeting - 9.00am Lifeline Balgowlah
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLellan
06/07/2019 District Changeover Dinner at Hornsby RSL 6.00pm
17/08/2019 Northern Beaches cluster Yulefest fundraiser dinner at PCYC
01/09/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
NEXT MEETING:  21 May 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom
Volunteer Hours
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NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk Evelyn Ciocco, Notes Susie Morgan, Sergeant TBD
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