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Great to see the turn-out we had for our End Polio Day fund-raiser, and particularly to have extra help from our Northern Beaches Rotaractors - with whom I’m delighted to say we are developing a really productive relationship. Despite the fact Friday was the unofficial beginning of school holidays and a long weekend, and the far less pervasive public understanding of our polio eradication challenge, we still managed to raise around $900 over a two hour period on Manly’s wharf – adding to the $3,500 raised for drought relief in the same place only a few weeks earlier. Well done to everyone involved, and of course to Manly’s commuting public with whom our reputation for positive action continues to grow!

In this context we continue to receive great support from our Local Member James Griffin, and our (now ex) Deputy Mayor and Manly resident Candy Bingham: most recently in meetings brainstorming some really useful support for next year’s Fun Run (our tenth) – and encouraging us to have it nominated for an Australia Day Award.

Closer to home, though, could I encourage everyone to contribute to their fullest extent in our Avenue of Service and related committees’ action planning for 2018-9 and beyond, to ensure we become – not only in word, but in deed – THE ‘Go-To’ Service Club on the Northern Beaches. Our Community deserves no less.

All the best! Doug



Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Susie Morgan, Bo Deskov, Tracy Rushmer, George McLelland, Sherry Midgley

Duties:     Desk - Evelyn Ciocco; Notes - Norm Thompson; Sergeant-at-Arms –  Ted Waters

Welcome:   President Doug welcomed back our international travellers and noted the improved attendance, no doubt due to the nice mild sunny morning.


Club News:

End Polio - Doug referenced the END POLIO collection at Manly wharf on Friday. Given it was at the start of school holidays, and that polio is no longer a headline grabber, the results weren’t too bad – almost $900 raised. What was good was the way yet another appeal (following our Drought Relief campaign) drew attention to Rotary’s high profile and increased awareness of our club.

Wellness Walk (21/10) - Agreed we have a team involved, with all wearing our club t-shirts. Doug to make bookings. Evelyn suggested our t-shirts needed Club identification – agreed. Rhiannon to email Doug her info on RI’s slogan.

Tunnel Walk (28/10) -  David Brown has kindly organized. We now need firm numbers for David and Viv Coulson, who will organize catering for picnic after.

District News      Diary Dates:
  • 21/10/2018 and 4/11/2018 Rotary Leadership Institute Course at Thornleigh ($75)
  • 16/03/2019 Compulsory President Elect Training for 2019/2020
  • 29/03/2019 – 31/03/2019 District Conference Newcastle
  • 14/04/2019 District Assembly training for Board/Committee Members
  • 29/06/2019 District Changeover

Leadership Development - Doug raised the matter of succession planning again and how critical it was to the future of the club. He strongly recommended the Rotary Leadership Program run over two weekends, 21/10 and 4/11 at Thornleigh for those members that aspire to higher office.

District Presidents Meeting - He also attended a Presidents Meeting over the weekend which was interesting and informative.

Mention was made of the END POLIO awareness campaign and that $240K was raised through the efforts of the “Train Ride”. Polio is still a problem world-wide with the current outbreaks in PNG an example of how important it still is for the Rotary/Bill Gates Foundation partnership to continue the great work done so far. Ted Waters mentioned that the Royal Far West home where we meet each week was originally a Polio Hospital.

From the Presidents Meeting also came news that membership was increasing in our districts.

Invictus Games - Organisers appear to be more interested in funding support than huge numbers of volunteers.

Rotary Branding - an issue for all clubs when using material for promotion. Upgraded logo and print styles must be conformed with and this information is available online.


Centurion Program -  Savings through the money boxes and controlled by George Mc. must be regularly promoted and perhaps explained in detail for the newer members. Our District raised the highest per capita membership contributions: $220pa.

Northern Beaches Rotaract - Doug mentioned a meeting he recently attended and the need for our club to support and encourage the folks. Two NB club members helped out at our End Polio morning. Doug suggested we should fund new Rotaract Tshirts for them – in principle, agreed.

World Toilet Day - (November 19, 2018). Lynne Shori suggested the club should get behind this event with a promotion and collection at Manly Wharf with a “do something on the wharf” day. As one would expect, there were some inappropriate and politically incorrect suggestions from certain members on how this should be conducted, but Lynne, with her professional presentation skills brought the house to order and came up with some great ideas on how the club could get behind this event.

Upcoming Events:

ADI Gala Dinner, October 19, at Wakehurst Golf Club: firm numbers needed.

MAIN ACTIVITY: Action Planning by Committees

Doug arranged a breakout of Committee Leaders to flesh out their proposed actions relating to our strategic plan, and review progress. To be continued at next week’s breakfast meeting, a Forum Assembly. He stressed that with limited numbers in our club there was no need for members to restrict themselves to one Committee only.

SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES - Good to have Ted back and whilst a little rusty still managed to insult and relieve all of those present of their loose change.

Raffle - Jeni


North Fort Tunnel Tour & Picnic
Wellness Walk
Balgowlah Charity Golf Day
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 2nd October 2018