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Hi There

Great to have our AG Chris Taylor visit us today, and to hear his views on various ways to increase current levels of collaboration between our various Northern Beaches Clubs: as the saying goes, together everyone achieves more.

What’s interesting to note is that various organisations with more funds than we have, have climbed on board too: Northern Beaches Council, with its Infrastructure Grants; Liquor and Gaming, who have just released details of their latest generous program; and last but not least, our own Rotary Foundation – it’s ‘our charity’, but it gives back to us, too. We’re hopeful in all three instances that we’ll be successful in gaining additional funds for the projects we have planned.

And on this latter point: We’ve spent quite some time laying out our vision, mission, mid-range strategic plan and more importantly our goals for 2018-9 and the teams through which we hope they’ll be achieved. We’re a small club, but we’ve always taken pride in our ability to punch above our weight – something our community leaders have acknowledged in their support for what we do. But let’s look ‘internally’. Most if not all of our members have by this time signed up to at least one of the various Avenue of Service and Membership/PR/Fund-raising committees we’ve formed; but there’s no need to be ‘coy’ – we’re looking for more volunteers! In particular Evelyn in Youth, and Rob/Vivien in Community Service need more support. They’re the two ‘Avenues’ that keep us most closely linked to the community we serve. So could you please ask yourself  if you could do more (and your answer is YES, then please let them know).

In that vein, a warm welcome back to Norm, and to Ken – and hopefully to Ted and Robyn Waters next week. It will be good to begin looking like a full strength club once more.

Finally, best wishes to Co-President Susie as she prepares to embark on her volunteering sojourn in Africa; and to Lynne in her endeavours to drum up yet more support for her much needed work in P/NG: where ‘Ending Polio Now’ has become an even more urgent challenge (Don’t forget our Ride to End Polio’ Day – Friday 29 September, just a couple of weeks away)

I hope you all have a great week, warm regards Doug



Tuesday 11th September 2018

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Joy Thompson, Ted and Robyn Waters, Jeni Mawter, George McLelland, David Brown, Tracy Rushmer, Barbara Gardiner, Beverley Leahy

Duties:     Desk – Robert Jones; Notes Sherry Midgley; Sergeant-at-Arms – Vivien Coulson

Welcome: Chris Taylor, Assistant Governor Northern Beaches, and Virginia Parker, prospective member

GUEST SPEAKER - Chris Taylor, Assistant Governor Northern Beaches

Chris joined Rotary 6 years ago and really enjoys the people he meets as they are very inspiring. He spent 2 years as President of Dee Why Warringah, and took over from Warren McGurgan recently as Assistant Governor.  He said he would like to get all the Zone clubs together once a year for a big fundraiser dinner, something that has been done previously with significant success. Members agreed it would be a good idea. Chris also liked the idea of all the clubs getting together to support our project for a bus for PCYC. His other suggestion was for all our Zone clubs to come together to advertise in the Manly Daily, with individual Club Contact details. He complimented us on our Drought Appeal success, and encouraged us in our plans to do so again on End Polio Day – linking it to District’s ‘train ride’ campaign..

Finally, he encouraged us to keep up our Rotary Fund donations – ‘our’ charity, which helps us back with its grants.


Club News
  1. Diary dates:
  1. Friday 28/09/2018 - End Polio Day fund raiser at Manly Ferry Wharf (to coincide with “train ride” morning). Looking for 6-8 people to rattle cans for End Polio. (Vivien, Norm, David, potentially Jack,) – see advert below
  2. Sunday 21/10/2018 - Wellness Walk ( in support of One Door mental Health, and Pioneer Clubhouse. See details below.
  3. November Date TBA - Fund Raiser – North Head tunnels visit hosted by David Brown, followed by a picnic at North Head. Potentially on a weekend at the end of November. All club members in support.
  4. 18 JUNE 2019 - Club Changeover dinner including guest DG Kalma McLellan
  1. Liquor and Gaming Grants
  1. Feedback on unsuccessful Scout Hall application. The feedback was that while the application was well researched and developed, it did not score well on priorities (looking for an emphasis on eg disability, disadvantage) or feasibility Only about 10% of applications were successful (25 out of 230)
  2. Potential for further applications applying the above learning – possibilities discussed included Sailability, Bushlink, Clontarf Foundation. Something forYouth & Community committees to look into, with the October grant cycle in mind.
  3. Website:
  1. Volunteer hours – please let Beverley Leahy know via email on a weekly basis


Member News   Special event (birth of Lois – Jeni’s grandson 3.7kg)


District News      Diary Dates:
  1. 16 March 2019 Compulsory President Elect Training for 2019/2020 –
  2. 29 – 31 March 2019 District Conference Newcastle
  3. 14 April 2019 District Assembly training for Board/Committee Members
  4. 29 June 2019 District Changeover


  1. Balgowlah Rotary Charity Golf Day - see details below.
  2. Representatives from the Manly Rotary club attended the Senior Citizens Club celebration. Great event with about 100 people in attendance.
  3. Sherry, Susie and Marieken attended a great event organised by Andrea Hogan's The Sisterhood, with Tracey Spicer as the guest speaker. All proceeds went to 4 local charities including Northern Beaches Women's Shelter. Head of Women’s Shelter to be invited to attended (one of) our meetings
  4. Vivien’s leaving get-together - last week in October date/venue to be confirmed
  5. Manly Rotary Club Street Sign. Council approved, Rob looking after this - still work in progress
  6. Next Rotaract Meeting - 24th September is the next business meeting. Doug and Norm to attend. Ty to find out where the meeting will be held.
  7. Our regular morning meeting next week will be held at the PCYC Northern Beaches (behind Council Offices in Dee Why) (18 September) at 6.30am for 7.00 (40 Kingsway, Dee Why, Car parking below)

SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES - thank you to Vivien for holding court.

Raffle - Bojana Deskov


Ride to End Polio
Wellness Walk
Balgowlah Charity Golf Day
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
Joke of the week

Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 11th September 2018