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Hi everyone
On Friday I attended the Scam Awareness Seminar held in Manly and conducted by the Department of Fair Trading.  Our Member James Griffin opened and closed the seminar.  Statistics show that there was $300M lost by people on scams in 2016 and 200,000 scams reported. There has been a 47% increase in scams since those figures were published. NSW has the highest scam reports in Australia and seniors are the most targeted group.
We were reminded to use the “do not call” register to keep out telemarketers. (1300792958). The strongest message we received was NEVER to engage with telemarketers (just put the phone down and never open emails). Scams arrive via mail, phone call, text, email, online and knocks on the door. Money offers appeal to need or greed. The top scams apparently are romance on the internet! Inheritance scams ask for an admin fee that may only be around $20, but apparently brings in enormous revenue for the scammers. “Panhandlers” demand money on the street in exchange for a trinket. Calls to a relative overseas – “send money there’s been an accident”. Never use a public place to transfer money. TREAT YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS LIKE YOUR WALLET.  If you think you have been scammed contact your bank, cancel credit cards, change passwords and report the scam to (Scamwatch). NEVER let people know your tax file number (TFN). Be careful with “cookies” on your computer – unless they are of value to you, then clear the cookies. Check your receipt when using your credit card to make sure it is the correct amount.
On Saturday I attended the D4G workshop at Turramurra where ten volunteer ladies from the Turramurra Rotary Club worked on the personal hygiene kits. They ladies were excited about their cycling event being held on Sunday – 2800 competitors in the race, with 600 volunteers! (beneficiaries, members, friends and family). I heard radio announcements about the event and road closures, with road signs flashing warnings of the event in the area. There are four clubs involved in the event. Apparently it was a great success.
A special thank you to Ty and Doug for your efforts on the fun run over the weekend with yet another walk around the course.
Have a great week, everyone
Tuesday, 27th March 2018


We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia


The Shanahans, Lynne Shori, Andrea Hogan, Doug Miller, Vivien Coulson, Tracy Rushmer, Bojana Deskov, Barbara Gardiner, George McLelland, David Park, Ted & Robyn Waters


Club News

Next Fun Run meeting – date to be confirmed but likely to be Tuesday 3rd April

Reminder for 13 June (International Convention Centre volunteer details) 7.30am - 2.30pm. Susie M, Doug, Rob, Tracy, Norm

David Brown – chemotherapy in progress and feeling reasonably well.

David Park, get well soon

District News

President Elect training 7 April 2018 – click here if interested in attending
District Assembly The Kings School, Parramatta 8.30am – 4.30pm (must attend Foundation session or we are not eligible for any Grants – Susie Morgan will attend the session). To register – before 20 April. Volunteers for show stand needed.
Inspirational Women’s Awards cannot be a Rotary member. Club members to have a think about any nominations.  Ted may consider a Royal Far West employee to nominate

General Business 

Umoja Orphanage. Susie Morgan will be holding her fund raiser on 7th July, 12.30pm

Committee structure - members gave a brief update on progress so far

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS – Robert Jones (in the absence of Vivien Coulson)

Surf club has given us the green light to put the banner up.

ROTARY FOUNDATION & INTERNATIONAL – Richard Schroder (in the absence of Maggie Shanahan and Tracy Rushmer

Richard just came back from PNG which is recovering from the earthquake. Approx. 100 people dead. Worse earthquake for 100 years, and has wiped out their income. Helicopters are getting in but roads are damaged.

He also wanted to raise the local issue of homelessness - there are regularly people sleeping rough at Circular Quay & Manly Pavilion. There are approx. 135,000 homelessness in Australia. We as a club (and specifically Rotary) need to be more proactive in tackling it, and maybe we can talk to our honorary members when they come into see us in May. Doug & Susie to write to James and Candy to find out if their are local projects addressing this that we can help.


Look to host a membership drive or a social drive after Fun Run

PUBLIC RELATIONS -  Sherry Midgley

The focus is marketing the fun run at the moment. Social media campaign has started and it is now time to distribute the posters and flyers. We are going to start giving out posters after this meeting. 


Norm is to pick up a number of duties that used to be carried out by John S.

GUEST SPEAKER Amanda McDougall – Literacy Network

Amanda gave us an interesting talk on the good work that the Literacy Network is doing to help permanent Australian adults with reading and writing. Literacy means being able to use language properly. Started by Joan Giumelli, she was a Tafe teacher and she identified that people couldn't complete the courses or get job due to their lack of skills so she set up the literacy network in 1987. They train and have up to 40 students twice a year. The students are then matched up with a volunteer and they meet up once a week for a year to continue the learning.  They are based in the Northern Beaches community centre and students are referred in a number of ways however TAFE often refers people. There is a huge demand. They get some funding through the Northern Beaches council and some fundraising through RSL's.

Some interesting facts:
43% of the general population are below the basic average needed to be get by.
13.4% on the Northern Beaches speak a language other than English.
A quick but enjoyable session run by Ken
Raffle - Sherry M
Rotary Club of Springwood Country Dance night
Manly Fun Run
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 3rd April 2018