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Oct 30, 2018
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Hi everyone – apologies for the lateness of our Minutes this week due to untold illnesses, work commitments and so the list goes on.

I think for me the highlight of the past week was my attendance at Northern Beaches Rotaract’s club meeting, along with our Secretary Norm and another Club Representative from Pittwater. These young people are so inspirational: They’re so busy with their studies, work and networking, but still able to get together to plan and importantly, carry out a host of small, local and practical initiatives to do with gift packing, bush clean-ups, supporting other clubs’ fundraising initiatives, recruitment, and generally having fun. And it’s all done so spontaneously, with a minimum of fuss. They’ve promised to work with us in our own fund-raising campaigns (including End Polio this week), and with next year’s Fun Run. In turn, subject I’m sure to our Board’s approval, we’ve said we’d like to help them out with a donation to purchase more Rotaract-branded T-Shirts to keep their visibility high.

There’s so much we can do with, and for each other, both from a learning perspective and as together, we seek to grow further.

Meanwhile, I hope you will all join with me in wishing Co-President Susie well as she completes her project in Africa. What a way to extend our reach.




Tuesday 25th September 2018

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Joy Thompson, Ted and Robyn Waters, George McLelland, David Brown, Tracy Rushmer, Barbara Gardiner, Susie Morgan, Richard Schroder, John Warren, Sherry Midgley

Duties:     Desk - Evelyn Ciocco; Notes - Ty Stokoe; Sergeant-at-Arms –  Ken Hopley

Welcome:   Janine Hardy, Hardi Aged Care 

GUEST SPEAKER - Janine Hard, Hardi Aged Care

Janine gave an informative talk on the Hardi Aged care facility. It is a family owned facility, one of 6 throughout Sydney. She talked about the process to accept new residents and the assessments that need to be completed, explaining some of the complexities involved (key message: don’t wait until you think you are ready – get onto it earlier). In all, VERY informative: a pity so few members were present to hear her, but she kindly left extra handouts for others who might be interested.


Club News:

o 28/09/2018 End Polio Day fund raiser at Manly Ferry Wharf Fund-raisers: Beverley, David P Doug, Jeni, Norm, Vivien, John Pack, plus our friends from the Northern Beaches Rotaract

o 21/10/2018 Wellness Walk ( We will organize this as a Club Event – with Pioneer Clubhouse now back as one of our Designated Charities. All to wear Club T-Shirts.

o 28/10/2018 Fund Raiser North Head tunnels visit and Picnic (see General Business and invite below.

o 18 JUNE 2019 Club Changeover Dinner including guest DGElect Kalma McLellan

District News      Diary Dates:
  • 21/10/2018 and 4/11/2018 Rotary Leadership Institute Course at Thornleigh ($75)
  • 16/03/2019 Compulsory President Elect Training for 2019/2020
  • 29/03/2019 – 31/03/2019 District Conference Newcastle
  • 14/04/2019 District Assembly training for Board/Committee Members
  • 29/06/2019 District Changeover


Manly Rotary Club Street Sign (Ty Stokoe and Norm Thomson liaising with Council, Doug to talk also to Candy Bingham re Wharf site

Invictus Games - update on Volunteers (Vivien)

Drought Relief Appeal: cheque to be sent through to RAWCS this week – with $ for $ matching

24/09/2018 Rotaract Meeting update (Doug and Norm). A small but vibrant group, who while not financially strong focus their not inconsiderable efforts on practical local support initiatives. Invitation extended to attend our meetings, and support our fund-raisers were both accepted. We have offered to purchase additional Rotaract t-shirts for their members

Board Meeting deferral proposal- next meeting Oct (and then Bi-monthly unless specially required)

Volunteer hours – please let Beverley Leahy know via email on a weekly basis

SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES - very ably led again by Ken, who managed to get us all.

Raffle - Ty


North Fort Tunnel Tour & Picnic
Wellness Walk
Balgowlah Charity Golf Day
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
Joke of the week

Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 25th September 2018