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Manly Rotary Club Changeover Dinner
Jun 18, 2019 7:00 PM
Manly Fun Run & Walk
Sep 01, 2019
Welcome to our Club
We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 AM
Royal Far West Boardroom
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Hi everyone -
Thank you to those members who came along to the meeting on such a miserable day on Tuesday - what an achievement to get out on that cold and wet morning. (We do desperately need the rain though). My little chilli plants I'm growing for our market stall haven't sprouted yet - its too cold for them I think. Still we have plenty of time for growth before 20 July - our big day. On a personal note I have finally been able to welcome a new addition to my home after losing my best friend Blocker. Bindi an 18 month old Border Collie will be my new mate arriving on Sunday. We managed to save her from a very untimely end as the young lady owner left for overseas and didn't know what to do with her pet. It was great that we were finally able to make some decisions about our Club (in the notes below) - your input was appreciated. Seven of us are going to the Stand Tall Event next week to act as volunteers in managing the 6000 or so students attending.  Wish us luck!
Have a great week and take care....

Affirmation and Toast

 We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Barbara Gardiner, David Brown, Jack Pack, John Warren, George McLelland, Tracy Rushmer, Evelyn Ciocco

Duties:   Desk – David Park  Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - Richard Schroder

Welcome: Happy Birthday Richard and welcome back

Ken Hopley reported on the Northern Beaches cluster meeting he attended last week:
  • Liz McDougall (Dee Why Rotary) reported that the Manly Daily (Notice Board) is now receptive to receiving information about what is happening with Rotary Clubs on the Northern Beaches.
  • Liz McDougall also asked if any Clubs could loan their banners at any time for Rotary functions to assist in “branding” Rotary Clubs.
  • Clubs were asked to check that details about their Club and members is current in Club Runner.
  • Mosman Club was asking for help with a project they are undertaking for women in need in the Northern Beaches
  • The Northern Beaches Cluster is organising a “Yulefest” dinner/fund raiser on 17 August next
  • Regarding PCYC State Transit has advised they are about to give away to worthy organisations, one hundred State Transit full size buses.
  • Susie will liaise with those attending to organize transport to the Event (fast ferry?)
Doug reported on progress of the fun run:
  • There is another designated charity meeting on Thursday morning with Grassrootz to discuss progress of fund raising and future fund raising strategies
  • Traffic Committee has approved the traffic plan
  • All other required authorities have been approved
  • Thank you to James Lignum for his work on the Fun Run and Rotary Club of Manly websites – terrific job
  • Still waiting for confirmation of a sponsorship
  • More sponsorships are needed
  • Invoice to be sent to Bendigo Bank for their sponsorship; Ted to follow up
  • Sector Marshalls will receive a document identifying their responsibility in the fun run. These plans need to be reviewed and any suggestions made for improvement, equipment (barriers/witches hats, etc. etc.) and volunteers required to be noted and emailed to Doug Miller and Jay Stuart by 14 June. Doug also requested that Sector Marshalls check (walk) their section of the fun run route.
It was agreed that in future:
  • Meetings will remain the same (weekly 6.30am for 7.00am start – 8.00am close)
  • Refreshments will only include tea, coffee, water and juice (no breakfast)
  • Ted Waters to liaise with RFW with the possibility of a reduction in venue cost
  • Meetings will where possible include two guest speakers per month, an assembly and five x me discussion from a club member (Susie Morgan and Ted Waters together with all club members to source guest speakers)
  • There will be three categories of membership (full club, corporate and friend). As a start corporate membership will be offered to designated charities.
  • Committee Directors will be asked to provide a verbal (or written) report at club meetings in the future on progress relating to their specific portfolio.
  • There will be no change in the fee structure at present
  • Susie Morgan to distribute a copy of the By-Laws/Constitution and Donation Guidelines to all club members for review and any suggestions for change. These suggestions for change to be emailed to Susie Morgan prior to 30 June.
  • A Director of Membership is needed to head this committee. Ken Hopley will advise progress at next meeting.
  • Ken Hopley will ask Barry Tomkin at PCYC if a representative could attend morning club meetings in the future as Barry is working at the Club in the mornin
06/06/2019 Designated Charities Fun Run Meeting - 9.00am Lifeline Balgowlah
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLellan
06/07/2019 District Changeover Dinner at Hornsby RSL 6.00pm
20/07/2019 Manly Public School Market stall
17/08/2019 Northern Beaches cluster Yulefest fundraiser dinner at PCYC
01/09/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
NEXT MEETING:  11 June  2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom (including Board Meeting)
KEY ACTIVITY: Fun Run registration and fund raising platform explanation - and James Lignum website changes
SERGEANTS SESSION AND CROSS FINES – Thank you Richard for an entertaining session
RAFFLE - Won by Norm Thomson
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk - Evelyn Ciocco, Notes - Susie Morgan, Sergeant - TBD
PETS Training Review
PETS  March 2019 hosted by Ryde Rotary
The day was productive and helpful but there was one speaker who I think is worthy of some Bulletin space. He was optimistic about Rotary’s capacity to change for the era if it is in touch with that era. Graham Kenny is an expert in performance and strategy measurements in business.
In this capacity he spoke to his fellow Rotarians and made some observations worth sharing.
Rotary has an image problem:
  • Young people join single issue organisations eg Clean up Australia. Therefore sell Rotary as an organisation that does particular things for particular groups
  • Service above self is the wrong motto for today. The Right motto is Change the world for the Better. Emphasis on action.
  • Competitors for providing networks are numerous. What is our point of difference?
  • Important to look after a club’s own members. They are the most important asset of a club
  • Clubs need to be designed in a spirit of co-creation. Ask the younger generation to critically appraise how our club works and move on to help design a new club to meet the needs of all. This approach has the future in the foreground.
  • Pay particular attention to time honoured rituals of Rotary and consider whether they serve today’s needs. Co-creation is a vital working tool here. Historically, Rotary began in an Industrial era. Today those business structures are often out-moded; the hierarchy of authority being the most obvious.
Exercise: Ask your children why they would not join a Rotary club? Collect data on this.
  • Use a sergeant’s session to encourage positive over negative thinking. Should, must, the old days are expressions worthy of a fine. Make the fines’ session more focussed on the outcome you wish for…
Graham recommended two books for Rotarians to read:
  1. Factfulness: 10 reasons we’re wrong about the world and things are better than you think  by Anna, Hans and Ola Rosling
  2. Enlightenment Now  by Stephen Pinker
These books will help us change our mindset in a positive way about the future!
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