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Hi Everyone

A week or so into winter and a few club members with coughs and colds; so look after yourselves with lots of fresh air and exercise and get better soon.

Congratulations to Beverley Leahy who is a grandmother again with twin boys born 13 June. No doubt it won’t be long before Beverley is off to visit the new arrivals. What fun.

This week Doug Miller, Beverley Leahy, Norm Thomson, Ken Hopley and I went to the Stand Tall annual event at the International Convention Centre to volunteer throughout the day. What a great experience for us to be involved with this organization that is dedicated to help students through what can be a difficult time in their lives. It was a successful day with about 2,500 students in attendance that was made possible by the tireless efforts of CEO Jeanine Treharne and her team. Our Manly Rotary Club team was also able to listen to some of the speakers who were exceptional in their presentations – particularly Michael Crossland a leading speaker on resilience and courage and Tony Hoang a leading ant-drug communicator. Both speakers talked to the students about their life experiences and how they coped with adversity. The measure of success for the Stand Tall organization is the feedback they receive from school Counsellors who are approached by students who have attended the event. Manly Rotary Club and Gosford Rotary Club were both thanked publicly for their contribution to the day.

Have a great week and look forward to seeing you on Friday at The Steyne Hotel for our post fun run social.

Tuesday, 12th June 2018
Affirmation And Toast. We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Sherry Midgley, Bo Descov, Ted/Robyn Waters, Andrea Hogan, David Brown, David Park, Bev Leahy, Barbara Gardiner, John Warren, Rob Jones, Joy Thomson, Rhiannon Bunting.

Duties: Desk – Jack Pack; Notes – Norm Thomson; Sergeant-at-Arms – Ken Hopley


Club News                

Board Meeting next Tuesday 19 June at Pioneer Clubhouse. Doug to contact all Board Members to check on availability as this is the last meeting before change over. Made the point that mostly the same officers for next year.

Post Fun Run meeting to be held Tuesday 26 June at Susie Morgan’s to discuss issues arising from event and means to improve for next year. Also discuss the financial outcome of event.

Post Fun Run Social event to held at Steyne Hotel, Friday 15 June in upstairs lounge. Start 6.30pm, casual/informal evening…thanks for your work Bev.

Reports on Joy Thompson and David Brown. Both making progress from health issues, wish them well.

Report on UMOJA Orphanage project from Susie who is going on volunteer basis to Kenya later in year. Susie is also hosting a fundraiser Champagne Lunch at her place, 1 Burrila Av. North Curl Curl, 7 July, 2018. See her for details.

MEMBERSHIP; Richard Ashley wishes to remain a “Friend of Rotary” rather than full membership and is willing to assist the club in any special projects. Viv bumped into Chris Chapman who informed her that he wishes to remain a member of the club even though his schedule does not allow him to participate in regular meetings. Asked that he be billed for fees in arrears and in the future. Club to follow up process in transferring a member from another club, in this case for Rhiannon Bunting. Viv also mentioned a Fun Run donation of $50 from friend Helen McGorman and $30 from her Pilates group.

Balgowlah Rotary extended invitation to Manly members interested in attending their Changeover Dinner.

George McLelland advised on the progress for our Changeover Dinner and it has been agreed that the Wakehurst Golf Clubhouse is favoured for this. He has been given favourable hire fee for the night of $125 and choice of table configurations ie. round or refectory. Menu choices also are varied and good. Agreed that best night would be Tuesday 24 July and would replace regular morning meeting. George to proceed further in organizing night.

District News  

District Changeover & July. Invited to show case club projects, 10-15 hi. res. photos to be supplied by 2 June. Sherry to assist with this.

George spoke of the work of the Foundation and the importance of the Centurian money boxes that all members are encouraged to take home and fill with $2 coins. One of the most
significant areas of Foundation effort is the worldwide eradication of Polio and Rotary along with Bill Gates Foundation has almost achieved this goal.


Today EVELYN CIOCCO introduced herself in this session where we get to now more about our members. A theme that so many Rotarians have in joining is wanting to give something back into the community and Evelyn is one such person. She has lived in Manly since 1987 and enjoys the lifestyle. Her professional life was as an Educator and this covered many different forms with her favoured area of youth education. She has been active in sport and work her whole life and is now a grandmother with her twice yearly trip back to the States coming up shortly. She was one of the few members who was able to keep to a strict time, due no doubt to her professional learning. Her enthusiasm will be most welcome to the club.


Lynne again gave us an excellent presentation of her PNG project and the progress she has made in this. Rambutso has now been renamed “WANTAIM PNG” which will allow her to upscale the project and embrace more people in a much larger area. She is in Phase 2 of the project now and this is to include 4000 people and to push out to surrounding islands. She is continually confronted with financing issues and there remains a huge gap in the needs and providing for the Composting Toilets. Training local young people to help in the building of the toilets is also a challenging exercise. Susie presented framed photos to Lynne of Blackmore’s presentation award night where she was recognized as the highest achieving women at the International Women’s event

Ken Hopley…he worked over the small number of members present and managed to find fault with most…well done Ken.

RAFFLE - George

Rotary District 9685 Changeover
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 12th June 2018