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Dec 05, 2017
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Christmas Party
Dec 08, 2017 7:00 PM
Rotary District Conference - Blue Mountains
Mar 10, 2018 – Mar 11, 2018
Rotary International Peace Building Conference
Mar 17, 2018
Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk
Jun 03, 2018
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Maggie Shanahan
November 12
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November 27
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November 28
Barbara Gardiner
December 26
Barbara Gardiner
November 1
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November 1
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November 19
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December 11
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December 14
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December 15
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November 1, 1995
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November 1, 1998
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November 1, 2007
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November 19, 2009
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Beverley Leahy
November 22, 2016
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David Brown
December 3, 1973
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December 11, 2008
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December 14, 2006
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Welcome to our Club
We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Royal Far West
19 South Steyne
Manly, NSW  2095
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A pleasure to open our meeting this week with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to two of our stars: our Co-President Susie, and John Shanahan. Many Happy returns to you both!

Also to welcome more visitors from parts north, where winter is setting in. All blown away naturally by our surf and sunshine, if not by the Poms’ current efforts at cricket.

It has been great to see so many members participating in our community events – first Expo, then End Polio, and last Sunday, packing Christmas hampers at Blackmores for the many disadvantaged even here in one of the best places in the world to live. Well done David Brown for organising the event.

Tuesday nights Board meeting will give us a chance to have a critical but constructive look at the work being done, and planned, in each of our teams to give flesh to our vision of becoming ‘The’ Go-To Service Club on the Northern Beaches. The signs look good, but we still have some serious work ahead. More in a report-back next week.

And next week will be a big one: with the induction of the final two of our civic leaders as Honorary Members - Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan and Northern Beaches Area Police Commander Superintendent Dave Darcy, and the induction of our newest member, Northern Beaches PCYC Manager Barry Tompkins. Let’s have a big turn-out to welcome them on board.

Have a great week – and spread the word: we’re still looking for members with the kind of spirit we share.


Tuesday, 28th November 2017
APOLOGIES: Richard Schroder, Tracy Rushmer, John Warren, Jacqie Linnane, George McLelland, Robyn & Ted Waters

Australia Day Awards

Northern Beaches Council are requesting nominations for the Australia Day Awards. All club members to think about any likely recipients that they would want to nominate.

Thank you

We have received a lovely thank you letter from Mike Baird, see below.

We also received a letter from Cathy Booth from the Umoja Orphanage thanking the club for the opportunity to present and giving details on items they are seeking support/funds for.

Also a big thank you to Robert who has been working with Harvey Norman to obtain a vacuum cleaner for the Manly Lifeline store.

Social Activity

The club has been offered discounted tickets ($5) for the show The Unbelievables (an extravaganza of circus, music and magic) at Sydney Opera House. Susie is going to organise tickets so please let her know if you want to go. There are 2 dates available Friday 22nd at 11am or Tuesday 19th at 3pm.

District Zone Facebook page

Brian Dunphy and Liz McDougall have put together a zone facebook page and would like to see if clubs like the concept and want to adopt it. There is a meeting on Sat 9th Dec at 10.30am (office in Brookvale) to talk about it.

Review of Presidents’ Meeting 25 November 2017 

Manly Rotary club received a certificate for our efforts on End Polio day.

At Manly Club we focus on contribution vs attendance and this is something that Rotary as a whole is trying to adopt. This explains why we’ve been asked to report weekly on ‘hours spent on community-related volunteer work’ Guidelines for this task will be issued soon.

District is contemplating introducing a new ‘Avenue of Service relating to Environmental Protection and Sustainability, for which there was widespread support.

Rotary Foundation – Concerns are often raised about charities’ overhead costs. AT RF they amount to 9% only. Lots of focus on Centurion Membership ($100 annual contribution).

Club News


A big happy birthday to Susie Morgan and John Shanahan

Christmas Party

The Christmas invite has been produced and has been emailed out. Vivien would like to get numbers by next week so please let her know.

Blackmores Christmas Hamper

A big thank you to David Brown who did a great job in organising the packing and distributing of Christmas Hampers. This event is now in the 37th year and this year was a great success.

There was a big turnout of volunteers to help pack on Saturday and 400 hampers were packed and have now been sent out to 13 different charities.

Board Meeting

There is a Board meeting on Tuesday 28th November at 7.00pm, Pioneer Clubhouse. At the meeting we will hold a performance review on how our resources are tracking against the overall strategy. Directors to talk about how they are tracking in the meeting or submit a report if they cannot attend.

Barefoot Bowls

This event is being run by Rotaract in support of HeartKids. It is being held on Sunday 3rd December at Narrabean RSL. y, Sherry, Susie, Viv, Lynne, Bev attending, the more the merrier.

Guest Speakers

WELCOME: Ian and Ellie Harrison from Ambleside UK

Ian and Ellie are over visiting from Ambleside in the Lake District. Their Rotary club has 18 members with the majorities of members being in their 80's. Both Ian and Ellie have been members for 2 years and they were both Associate members first. Their Club also have the usual recruitment huddles in attracting new members.

Some of the methods that they use in raising money are; 2 wishing wells that work well as it is a busy place with tourists, they also have a weekly quiz night and they have provided refreshments at a local triathlon.


Susie and Doug are meeting with Candy Bingham to consider the SLSC kitchen project to enable them to become more self-sufficient. They will update club members after the meeting.

Northern Beaches council are pushing all schools and lifesaving clubs to provide defibrillators. They also said they wouldn't install one on the Corso. For these reasons we are going to focus on other projects and drop this one.

RYLA applications are closing soon, please let Andrea know.

In the New Year we will hold a meeting to elect the office bearers for the Club for 2018. Looking for volunteers to step up.

District Conference Susie, Viv, Ted & Robyn Waters, Norm, Bev and Doug are attending. This is a great opportunity to see what other clubs are doing, and it always an aspiring event for members that may be interested.

Sgt-at-Arms - A very energetic and humorous session run by Ty.

Raffle Maggie

Next Meetings Business: Honorary Memberships for Dave Darcy and Michael Regan; Induction of Barry Tompkins


Rotary District 9685 Conference
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly - Early Information

Key points:

* This is a program designed for our future leaders.

* It is targeted at students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in public and private schools.

* It develops an awareness of the United Nations and the counties they represent at this simulated UN Assembly. They address and debate problems and issues of international concern.

* Clubs sponsor teams (3 students per team) from high schools (preferably local) where each represent a UN country.

* The cost or sponsorship will be between $280 and $300.



* Expression of Interest (EIO) Information and further details will be distributed shortly.

* EOI will close Friday 8 December, 2017.

* Full Registrations Open : Monday 5 February, 2018.

* Registrations Close : Friday 9 March, 2018

* Countries Allocated and Resolutions Released : Friday 23 March, 2018

* Event : Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May , 2018. at Epping Boys High School.

Joke of the week

Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 28th November 2017