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Upcoming Events
Manly Rotary Fun Run Meeting
Ted & Robyn Waters House
Nov 21, 2017 7:00 PM
Dec 05, 2017
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Christmas Party
Dec 08, 2017 7:00 PM
Rotary District Conference - Blue Mountains
Mar 10, 2018 – Mar 11, 2018
Rotary International Peace Building Conference
Mar 17, 2018
Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk
Jun 03, 2018
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November 12
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November 27
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November 28
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December 26
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November 1
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November 1
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November 19
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December 11
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December 14
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December 15
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Barbara Gardiner
November 1, 1995
22 years
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November 1, 1998
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November 1, 2007
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November 19, 2009
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November 22, 2016
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December 3, 1973
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December 11, 2008
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December 14, 2006
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Welcome to our Club
We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Royal Far West
19 South Steyne
Manly, NSW  2095
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That Was The Week That Was; President’s Notes
A really satisfying week, with our primary focus having been on reaching out to our community in a number of ways:
  • Last Tuesday, resplendent and just SO athletically looking in our new Club T-Shirts (!), sharing the good news about our polio eradication program with city ferry commuters, and promoting both Rotary International and our own club with newly created posters and brochures that were more than willingly snapped up – by who knows how many prospective new members?
  • Confirming we are once again to participate in another key (but also commonly overlooked) community health promotional event, BowelCare
  • Planning a further Club promotional event at Manly Community Center’s Community Services Expo, next week
  • Receiving the news that all four of our key civic leaders - State MP for Manly James Griffin, Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan and Deputy Mayor/Manly Ward Representative Candy Bingham, and Northern Beaches Area Police Commander, Superintendent Dave Darcy, - had accepted our offer to become Honorary Club Members. They could not have been more enthusiastic about planning and partnering with us as we develop and implement both our fund-raising and community service project goals
  • Participating in seminars on recruitment strategies and new member orientation, as we seek to further build our membership base.
Our momentum is growing, as Together, We’ll Achieve More.
Rotary Meeting Notes
31st October 2017
Affirmation and Toast
Ty Stokoe, Norm Thomson, Ted & Robyn Waters, Richard Schroder
District News
Balgowlah Rotary club looking for members for their Golf Day to be held on Thursday 2nd November. Full details here if you are interested (click here)
Club News
Susie presented Neil Austen on behalf of his son with a certificate to thank him for his contribution to the Manly Fun Run last year.
Events attended this week
  • Susie & Maggie went to a new members seminar on Saturday. At the event they discussed Muna (Model United Nations Assembly) and their request for sponsorship, approx. $300. Club members to consider request. Full details below
  • On Saturday Ted participated in an international Rotary webinar on membership recruitment. When Ted is next at a club meeting we will ask him to talk about it.
  • Doug and Susie went to the Police Officer of the Year District Awards held at Mona Vale Police station. At the awards they presented what has become an annual $3000 cheque from our Club to Police Legacy to honour their contribution to the community and their support of the Manly fun run. (please see the Rotary Club of Manly Facebook page for the photo)
  • Thank you to all the club members that turned up at the Manly Wharf last Tuesday to raise awareness for End Polio Now day. We raised $447 in donations that morning but are expecting more from direct banking contributions. (please see the Rotary Club of Manly Facebook page for the photo)
Happy birthday to Jackie who looks like she is having a wonderful time in NZ.
Number of hours volunteered
Susie took a record of the number of hours that club members had volunteered this month for the monthly Rotary reporting.  Anyone not at the meeting that has volunteered to give the number of hours to Susie.
Welcome to our Guest - Jorg Wolff
Jorg was in Manly for the week visiting his son. Jorg's son is currently on a 6 month assignment working for an internet provider so Jorg took the opportunity to visit his son and see Manly.
Jorg's home club is in District 1830, in the middle of Germany.  There are 76 clubs in this District and his home club was created in 1917. They have 77 members and their average age is 59. They have made a conscious decision to try and attract new and younger members which has been successful and their new President is 41.
Jorg enjoyed his visit to Manly Rotary club and has enjoyed his stay in Manly.
Welcome to our Guest 2 - James Griffin - MP member for Manly
Manly Rotary club are pleased to have offered 4 honorary memberships this year to the following people:
James Griffin – State Member for Manly
Michael Regan - Mayor of Northern Beaches
Candy Bingham - Deputy Mayor of Northern Beaches
Dave Darcy - Chief Superintendent of Police, Northern Beaches Area Command
There is a meeting to be held on the 31st October with the 4 people above and Doug & Susie to discuss local community requirements and potential projects. Doug & Susie will report back after this meeting.
Doug presented James Griffin with his honorary membership.
James said it has been 6 months since the by-election and this invitation was his first so it was a real thrill and honour to accept and be part of this great club.  He was looking forward to the meeting to discuss the ways that Manly Rotary can help and participate in community projects. From his prospective he sees a lot of people that have real needs and he is looking forward to be able to link them up with groups that can help them. James gave an example of the good work that Glen Moore is currently doing.  Glen works with students, athletes and people that have been on course to be professional athletes and for whatever reason that has not happened and they have started to go off the rails.  Glen links them up with companies and firms that can offer them a trade. People like Glen are working with large groups of people that are in need however he does not have any kind of grant or funding income.
James was grateful for the honorary membership and he said he would pay his membership.
Manly Expo
This is to be held in the Manly Community Centre on Sunday 5th November and Manly Rotary has a table at the event. A meeting has been held to organise. Maggie is still to get the usb with the slide show on it but will give it to Sherry & Ty so it can be displayed on the day. Tahini is also going to attend to promote the Grass Skirt project.
A roster has been set up for day to share the load:
10am - 11am set up Ty, Sherry, Susie
11am - 12 Sherry, Ty & Susie
12 -1pm   Rob & Ken
1pm - 2pm, George, Neil (will be there representing the cycle group)
2pm - 3pm, Maggie & John
Please make sure you wear your Rotary t-shirts. Anyone who doesn't have one let Doug know and he will get one for you.
Update from George
Dr Bruce Slonim and his wife Gail are volunteer doctors who will be back in Sydney for a couple of days. They are doing a presentation on the work they do in Papa New Guinea at 12noon Wednesday 15th Nov at the Bupa office, 550C Sydney Road. If anyone is interested and wants to come along please contact George (mobile 0403 013 500).
Update from Ken - BowelCare Report
The 27th annual Bowel cancer awareness program has been successfully completed and we are pleased to have been part of it.  Some stats include:
Participation: 93 Rotary clubs
Pharmacies: 742
Test kits sold: 21,039
Positives detected: 679
Next year we are looking to build a wider team to assist in picking up the kits from Carlingford and distributing them to the local pharmacies. 4 weeks later the kits and money need to be picked up and the unsold kits returned back to Carlingford. The campaign start in April and runs through May and June and we will be looking for volunteers next year.
Update from Maggie
Maggie stressed the importance of the club accessing the Rotary foundation grants as we could be better in that area. With a number of projects coming up this could be the time to put some cases together.
Club Christmas Party
This will be held on the 8th December and Pioneer House has offered us the use of premises, therefore keeping the cost of the event down.  Bev is going to help put it together but she is not back until the end of November. Club members can also bring family members. Over the next weeks everyone to  put some thought on what they would like and how we should coordinate i.e. maybe everyone brings a dish or a salad. 
Update from David Park
David said that when he went to pay his fees (very late!!) at Bendigo bank they said that they had not been approached about sponsoring the fun run.  Ted to speak to them in that regard. The next fun run meeting is on the 8th November.
Doug reminded everyone of their responsibilities under the strategic banner. Sherry gave a quick update on the media activities. The websites and Bulletin have been refreshed. She encouraged all members to get involved in social media, to like and share posts as this will help to raise the clubs profile.   Sherry to look to see if the Manly Rotary Club leaflet to be added to the Bulletin and website.
Sergeants session
A very successful Sergeants session was performed by David P.
Won by Rob
Rotary Friendship Dinner
Rotary Friendship Dinner

Rotary Foundation Dinner


Rotary District 9685 Conference
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly - Early Information

Key points:

* This is a program designed for our future leaders.

* It is targeted at students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in public and private schools.

* It develops an awareness of the United Nations and the counties they represent at this simulated UN Assembly. They address and debate problems and issues of international concern.

* Clubs sponsor teams (3 students per team) from high schools (preferably local) where each represent a UN country.

* The cost or sponsorship will be between $280 and $300.



* Expression of Interest (EIO) Information and further details will be distributed shortly.

* EOI will close Friday 8 December, 2017.

* Full Registrations Open : Monday 5 February, 2018.

* Registrations Close : Friday 9 March, 2018

* Countries Allocated and Resolutions Released : Friday 23 March, 2018

* Event : Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May , 2018. at Epping Boys High School.

Joke of the Week
Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 31st October 2017