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Hi everyone
A few comments on key happenings:
Our very best wishes go to David Brown as he begins a course of treatment that we hope works, and works well.
Next, regarding our wish list. Lynne left for P/NG Monday for a series of high level talks with government officials to garner support for an extension of her Rambutso and sanitation projects. Her vision and drive are incredible. We wish her well, and hope her enthusiasm spreads. It’s likely we’ll try to ensure her work is exhibited at our next District Assembly to see whether we can recruit other Rotarians’ support for her/our cause. Richard is also in P/NG, on business. We’re looking forward to hearing back from him on any post-earthquake aid he would recommend we consider providing.
Next, regarding other events closer to home:
  • It was great to hear Cathy Hockey outline her vision and plans for Bush Link, and to hear her progress report on the plant propagation project we are funding. It ‘ticks so many boxes’: new enterprise development; meaningful employment for disabled youths/young adults; fostering care for the environment among school children; and even, a joint tree planting project that’s likely to engage many of our Club members – something meaningful, and fun;
  • Stand Tall’s fund-raising dinner last weekend was a great success. Many thanks to those who helped with preparations on the night, in the process getting to know Stand Tall’s principals better. We look forward to giving Nick Farr-Jones, Jeanine Treharne and their team our continuing support as through sensitive and practical guidance they give hope and support to young kids at risk;
  • Our ‘Five on Me’ sessions during our breakfasts are proving really worthwhile. What better way to develop a keener understanding and appreciation of the richness of the talents and experiences of the Members we’re privileged to have in our midst. This week, David and Bo did themselves proud, consolidating the feelings that bind us together.
Finally, our next District Assembly is coming up soon (April 29). This promises to be a key event for all incoming Club Directors – a day for us to sharpen our focus on next year’s goals, strategies and plans as we take a further step towards realising our vision: to become ‘the go-to service club on the Northern Beaches’, for the benefit of all. Our committees and teams are now organised, so it will give us the opportunity to hit the ground running.
Have a great week, everyone
Tuesday, 20th March 2018


We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia


The Shanahans, Lynne Shori, John Warren, David Brown,


Patrick Stone, visiting from US


Club News

Fun Run meeting today after club meeting. Once we complete the final paperwork for the council we won't have to submit it again next year.

Stand Tall dinner last Saturday. Lovely evening and very well organised, 280 people attended. Ted donated a bottle of wine which raised $900 and in total they raised $35,000

Invictus Games Panel Discussion to be held on 19th April. Full details on James Griffin's website, click here for details

Scam Awareness Seminar Friday 23 March Manly Seniors Centre (details below)

Rotary Board Meeting, next Tuesday 27th March, 7pm at Pioneer Club house

The Manly Woman's Shelter is looking for magazines, pls bring any copies to Ted who will donate them

Remember this date: Tuesday May 8. James Griffin, Michael Regan, Candy Bingham and Dave Darcy (our most recent four Honorary Members) will be present to give us an update on Northern Beaches Council actions and importantly, to hear what we are up to in organising our ‘new, improved’ Fun Run along the route they have suggested (and how they can help!).

Member News


David Brown – sorry to hear news of ill health, wishing him all the best.

District News

President Elect training 7 April 2018. Susie and Doug will attend

District Assembly The Kings School, Parramatta 8.30am – 4.30pm, 29th April (must attend Foundation session or we are not eligible for any Grants – Susie Morgan will attend the session). Any other club members interested please register here Registrations close on 20th April.

Ted enquired about if we showcase Lynne's project at the District Assembly. Potentially Viv and Ted could present in Lynne's absence.

General Business 

Ken Hopley – Rotary Bowel Scan, started in the 1980's. The federal government now provide a free bowel scan for men when they hit 50. The Rotary bowel scan is $15. Approx. 50 a year have a positive test and they will get contacted by their doctor for further checks. Ken will pick the kits up this Friday and is looking for someone to help next Tuesday to go to local pharmacies in the area. (Bev to assist)

GUEST SPEAKERS  - 5 x Me David Park & Bo Deskov

2 very informative members talks from one of our longest serving club members David Park and one of our newest members. Both interesting rich life stories with David being born in China and Bo being born in Ex-Yugoslavia


As a result of the email distributed last week and conversation in the meeting today, here are nominations so far:

Vivien Coulson
Robert Jones
Ted Waters
John Warren
Ty Stokoe
Maggie Shanahan
George McLelland
Lynne Shori
Richard Schroder
Susie Morgan
Andrea Hogan
Beverley Leahy
Barry Tompkins
Robyn Waters
Ted Waters
Ken Hopley (and all Club Members)
Sherry Midgley
Bo Deskov
Doug Miller
(Marieken Miller)
Norm Thomson
Susie Morgan
Beverley Leahy
Social activities and Member Welfare is regarded as an “all club member” activity
Our major fund raising committee is managed as a separate matter and club members are asked to volunteer for this committee each year. Currently Ty Stokoe is Chairman with Doug Miller.

All other club members who have not yet decided could you please email Susie and let her know which committee you would like to join otherwise you will be assigned to a committee stream.


A very profitable and enjoyable session run by David Park
Raffle - Robyn W
Rotary Club of Springwood Country Dance night
Manly Fun Run
Scam Awareness Seminar
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 20th March 2018