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Jun 18, 2019 7:00 PM
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Sep 01, 2019
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Hi again
A good meeting this morning with several key bits of business handled
  • Our 10th annual Fun Run (1 September) – registrations are now open, designated charities are beginning to apply themselves to their own fund-raising challenges, and our first big Volunteers briefing session is scheduled for next week 28 May.  There’s been great back-up support from Grassrootz and from James, Ginny (and Elliott) and Marieken to make it all happen; with Jay doing his bit also to make next week’s meeting a success
  • Club operations – three categories of membership have now been established (full, corporate, and ‘Friend), however there’s still more to consider including Jack Pack’s key question to do with building up ‘engagement’.
  • Youth support – well done again Evelyn firstly for convincing two other clubs to support for our sending not two, not four but six RYPEN candidates this year and for continuing our links with Northern Beaches Rotaract for whom we have now funded a great set of promotional Club t-shirts
  • Please make every effort to turn up next week – especially as our breakfast session will include a special Board meeting segment in which our outgoing team will give their report card, our incoming team will present its plans and we’ll (hopefully) sign off on some key project tasks for 2019-20.
Have a great week.......

Affirmation and Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Barbara Gardiner, David Brown, Ted and Robyn Waters, Richard Schroder, John Warren, George McLelland, Robert Jones, Tracy Rushmer

Duties:   Desk – Evelyn Ciocco  Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - Norm Thomson


  • Evelyn confirmed the six applications have been completed however they do not require an interview with Manly Rotary Youth Committee as they are all candidates from Stella Maris School. 
  • The Northern Beaches Cluster group have set a price of $35 for the Yulefest.
  • No further news from PCYC about the bus.
  • Doug reported that our Club has donated 20 T Shirts to Northern Beaches Rotaract at a cost of $37 each.
  • Doug has asked Rotaract club members to attend our Changeover Dinner.
  • Susie reported that we have received a project submission from Umoja Orphanage in Kenya that will be presented as a Board Paper at the Board Meeting on 28 May next.
  • The committee is keen to submit an article to Rotary Down Under about the Sanitation Project however will require the assistance of a volunteer to edit the article once it has been drafted.
  • Doug reported there have been issues regarding the signing off of the original Grant for the sanitation project, as we are waiting for one more authorisation from PNG.
  • Fun Run meeting for key volunteers – as many Club members to attend as possible please. Tuesday 28 May at 7.00pm Pioneer Clubhouse, Lot 2 Quirk Road, (off Balgowlah Road), Balgowlah.
  • Board Meeting 28 May next at our regular Club Meeting. The Board meeting will include project submissions, a draft plan for next year’s committee and an overview of this year’s activities. The Treasurer will present our current finance position. It is expected the meeting will run over time – around 8.30am.
  • Designated Charity meeting 6 June at Lifeline Balgowlah 9.00am.  Grassrootz and our Publicity Committee will be providing additional support to this group, with suggestions for fund raising activities. There will also be help with the website (registrations).
  • Changeover Dinner – Ken reported that Balgowlah RSL is booked out for 18 June however he is still checking out other venues including Totem Club Balgowlah. Ken will confirm that Kalma McLellan will be attending as guest speaker.  20 people confirmed have confirmed so far.
  • District Changeover Dinner – Doug to check out the registration process – whether as a group or individual registration. Thus far there are five of our club members attending (Doug, Susie, Virginia, James, Ken and Evelyn (?).  Please advise Doug if you are able to attend that evening – 6 July at Hornsby RSL, cost $55 per person.
  • Doug reported that registrations are now open
  • We are still waiting for relevant information from some of our Designated Charities.
  • Manly Rotary Club is included in the Designated Charities fund raising page that is attached to the Fun Run website. James volunteered to head this team working with Grassrootz to organize fund-raising.
  • We have secured the services of a food truck for the morning serving traditional Argentinian take-away food – our food taster said delicious!
  • Doug raised the matter of a treasure hunt for children on the beach (Council has approved). Mixed reception from those present, however we will continue to attempt to find a team leader to organize this entertainment (club member or friend of Rotary).
  • Ginny suggested club members talk to friends, relatives and other groups they may know, to ask them to make up teams for the Fun Run.
  • Club members present all agreed that a morning meeting was preferable.
  • (The three types of membership have been confirmed – Full Club membership, Corporate Membership and Friends of Rotary)
  • Zoom meetings were suggested for people who find it difficult to physically attend meetings.
  • Different types of meetings were also suggested – for example a meeting for Corporate members, a meeting with an interesting guest speaker, Friends of Rotary meeting and planning meeting, etc. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm by those present.
4&18/05/2019 RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) training District Office, Thornleigh $75 including lunch etc.
28/05/2019  Key volunteer Fun Run meeting - Pioneer Clubhouse 7.00pm
1&2/06/2019 RLI training as above
06/06/2019 Designated Charities Fun Run Meeting - 9.00am Lifeline Balgowlah
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLellan
06/07/2019 District Changeover Dinner at Hornsby RSL 6.00pm
17/08/2019 Northern Beaches cluster Yulefest fundraiser dinner at PCYC
01/09/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
NEXT MEETING:  28 May 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom (including Board Meeting)
KEY ACTIVITY: Fun Run registration and fund raising platform explanation - Virginia Parker
SERGEANTS SESSION AND CROSS FINES – Thank you Norm for an entertaining session
RAFFLE - Won by Norm Thomson
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk - Evelyn Ciocco, Notes - Susie Morgan, Sergeant - Tracy Rushmer
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