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May 08, 2018
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Welcome to our Club
We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Royal Far West
19 South Steyne
Manly, NSW  2095
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So, the countdown to the fun run continues  - less than 6 weeks to go!  Our biggest challenges?  .. they’re everywhere, with such a re-designed route. But we know if it ‘works’ it will be our greatest draw card for some years.  Would you all please ensure that between now and June 3 you attend as many meetings as you can, because at each one you can be sure that our planning and resource needs will be discussed. From now on our focus will be on promotion: as hard as we can.

In this context we all owe a great deal to Honorary Member and State MP for Manly James Griffin. What a fantastic video promo he has prepared : it now has pride of place on our website and I’d urge you not only to check it out for yourselves, but to share it as widely as possible with your contacts and friends. (see link further down in the Bulletin)

Meantime – Lest We Forget: Anzac Day April 25. Many thanks to Richard for representing our Club in Balgowlah’s ceremony; to Ty, Sherry, Susie and Vivien for supporting the launch of the upcoming Invictus Games for disabled ex-servicemen and women; and to John Pack and Doug for representing us at Manly’s cenotaph ceremony on the day.

And may we plan, too! This coming Sunday most of your incoming team for 2018-9 will be workshopping our direction, strategy and plans at District’s Assembly. A great opportunity for us to put it all together.

Last but by no means least: let’s not forget the Shanahans. We send our very best wishes to two of Rotary’s biggest devotees in their time of need.

Hope you all have a great week. Doug

Tuesday, 24th April 2018
1.   Affirmation And Toast. We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

2.      Apologies:  Beverley Leahy, Lynne Shori, Maggie And John Shanahan, Robyn & Ted Waters, John Warren

3.      WelcomeEvelyn Ciacco, Rhiannon Bunting, Philip Orr, Guest Speaker Judy Charnaud

4.      Duties: George (Desk), Sherry (Minutes), Robert (Sergeant)


  1. Club News    
  1.  Next Fun Run meeting – Tuesday 1 May at 1 Burilla Avenue, North Curl Curl 7.00pm
  2. Reminder for Stand Tall Event 13 June (International Convention Centre volunteer details) Ken, Norm, Susie, Beverley, Doug, Robert and Tracy, Vivien attending.
  3. Board Meeting – this evening at 7.00pm Pioneer Club House
  4. Incoming Board (2018-9) – meeting at Doug’s place (1/18 King Ave Balgowlah) this coming Thursday evening from 6.30pm: finger food provided. Purpose: overview planning needs before this Sunday’s Assembly. Attendees: Andrea, Barbara, George, Ken, Norm, Susie, Vivien
  5. Manly Hospital farewell celebrations – week beginning 8 October 2018 and Farewell Fair on Sunday 14 October (volunteers required: please let Susie know asap)  


  1. Member News
  1. Happy birthday Bo for yesterday
  2. Hope David Brown, John Shannan and John Warren all get better soonJohn Shanahan is sounding positive however still in and out of hospital with various medical procedures.  Maggie is providing her very able support during this frustrating time.
  3. Evelyn Ciacco has submitted her application for Club membership. Process: one week for Club Member feedback, then Board review


  1. District News
  1. District Assembly The Kings School, Parramatta This Sunday from 8.30am – 4.30pm
  2. Susie to attend Foundation session.
  3. Could Committee Chair people try and attend the Assembly, in particular Youth and Membership. To register – 
  4. Volunteers for show stand Vivien, Richard, Ty and Sherry 


1.      Manly/Fairlight Scout Hall re their DA status and renovation plans: Rob Jones and Susie to investigate, report back to the club, and commence Grant application

2.      Anzac Commemoration

  1. Richard attended Sunday April 22 March, presented a book and fed back on impressiveness of addresses, esp by Tony Abbott
  2. Doug and John Pack to lay wreath/donate book at Corso ceremony 11 am 25th April

3.      Invictus Games Community evening Thursday 19 April. Ty, Sherry & Susie attended and noted the games will be held in October; over 500 people will take part from 18 different countries; James Griffin organised the evening - inspiring listening to past participants and organisers of the games.

4.   Homelessness along Northern Beaches. Richard spoke to Candy Bingham about homelessness and she agreed we had an issue. We can talk further when Candy Bingham, James Griffin, Michael Reagan, Dave Darcy come and talk on the 8th May.

5.   Fun Run Media. James Griffin has kindly recorded himself up at North Head promoting the Manly Fun Run. This will be used in our marketing campaign. You can watch the video here: (you will need a facebook account to watch it here), otherwise click onto our website

6.   Volunteers required for Fun Run on 3 June from 7.00am to approx. 11.00am. Because of this year’s route changes we are in need of in excess of 100 volunteers to help out on the day – mainly as Marshalls

  1. Please give your list of names, phone numbers and email addresses to Ty.
  2. Approx numbers and commitments so far:

David has got commitment from Balgowlah Scouts to man the water station

Clontarf - 20 people

Past members (Daniel Hammond, Peter Sommers, Jason)

Rotaract (Sherry to contact and ask)

McKellar Girls school (Andrea to follow up)


Ty to do ring around of list of volunteers from last year

KEY ACTIVITY – GUEST SPEAKER:  Judy Charnaud – Ozgreen Program Manager  (Host: Ken Hopley)

Judy is a former colleague of Ken's, who used to run geology trips for school children.

Judy took some time out in 2001 to volunteer in East Timor and 17 years later, she is still volunteering for OzGreen.

Judy took us through the history and some issues of the country. Among other stats:

40-70% of the population suffers from severe - acute malnutrition

84% of the wealth of the country is in the hands of 8% of the population

Judy set up Green TL, they go into the villages and talk to them for about 4 days about what their issues are (lack of clean water/lack of trees). One of the ways they help is to put in a Bio-sand filtration unit. They last for about 10 years. They are also planting trees and rehabilitating wells. They also run the Youth in Action, Green Games that they have been running for 10 years.


RAFFLE - Susie

Manly Fun Run
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 24th April 2018