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Hi again and a big Welcome Back to those members re-joining us this week. (There are still a few stragglers out there – we just hope they are enjoying cooler weather than we are, here in Sydney!)

Particularly for those who are still away, we’ve had much to celebrate: in particular our funding of and support for Stand Tall’s summer camp at Royal Far West – with thanks to Virginia, Ted and Susie; the take-ups we’ve had in sponsoring both RYLA’s and RYPEN’s youth development camps – with thanks again to Ted, and to Evelyn; and last but by no means least our move into Royal Far West's new building and spacious, hi-tech Boardroom for our morning meetings – a stunning change (once we knew how to turn on the air-con and lights and find much needed power point switches!)

We’ve also got quite a few ‘good things’ to look forward to: in particular the chance to meet up with fellow members from other Northern Beaches Zone Clubs at a BBQ on Jan 29 at one of Manly’s ‘undiscovered’ bushland treasures – Manly Dam (let’s see if we can make this a ‘big’ roll-up event!); the chance to further strengthen our relationship with Northern Beaches Rotaract Club and its members at their second annual Barefoot Bowls evening on Feb 10 (George and others – we need your Bowls talents!); and the chance to showcase ourselves during both our new member recruitment drives (first during Northern Beaches Council’s Seniors Festival on Feb 22, then in our Royal Far West Boardroom on the evening of 12 Mar), and finally at District Conference in Newcastle between Mar 29-31. And congratulations to Rob Jones – after many torturous discussions, pleadings and interventions he’s finally secured permission for us to market ourselves with displays on numerous Council Notice Boards throughout the area – we’re getting the materials printed as we speak.

You’ve probably gathered from this that what we want to do is to shift our focus to having a bit more fun, but making it ‘fun with a purpose’: specifically, to entice other community-service-minded people who perhaps don’t really know who we are - or our successes in what we’ve done - to come and join us to ensure a continue to give value-added community service.

This IS a challenge – but it’s one we hope all in our Club will make every effort to address as we take our Club forward: with a new leadership team, and an influx of inspired and enthusiastic new members willing to present a new image and purpose, giving testimony to our effectiveness in planning for our longevity – importantly through achieving much needed generational change.

None of the above is just ‘theory’: it saddens me to confirm that due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve lost many of those newer Club members on whom we’ve rested our hopes, over Christmas – in turn in my view, putting our ability to conduct this year’s Fun Run successfully, this May, beyond reach.

For us to re-build has therefore become a critical imperative.

Thanks Doug

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Affirmation And Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:   John Park, Sherry Midgley, Vivien Coulson, Norm Thomson, Ken Hopley, Lynne Shori, Beverley Leahy, Ty Stokoe

Duties:   Desk – Robyn & Ted Waters; Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms – Robert Jones

Club News

Unfortunately we have received the resignation of Jeni Mawter who has sent her apologies; we thank Jeni for her contribution over the last year. Ty Stokoe has also verbally reported that he has re-located to Queensland for an unspecified period and may not continue with membership.(Ty has said that he is willing to assist with the fun run remotely if needed). Sherry has requested that her heavy workload relating to public relations be shared with other members of the club.

Diary Dates:

22/01/2019  Pioneer Clubhouse Manly Rotary AGM
29/01/2019  Northern Beaches Zone Clubs' Evening BBQ 6.00 - 8.00pm Manly Dam $5
17/02/2019  Promoting Rotary Public Image 9.30am - 4.00pm
22/02/2019  Senior Festival at DY RSL 9.30am - 2pm Volunteers required
26/02/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
12/03/2019  New Membership drive social evening 7pm
16/03/2019  President Elect Training for 2019/2020
29/03/2019  District Conference Newcastle
14/04/2019  District Assembly for incoming Board/Com. Members
30/04/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
05/05/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
28/05/2019  Board Meeting - All Directors
12/06/2019  Stand Tall Major Event
18/06/2019  Club Changeover Dinner including guest DG-Elect Kalma McLella
29/06/2019  District Changeover
LEAVE OF ABSENCE - Ted reported that according to the “rules” - Rotarians must be “financial” therefore leave of absence is not an alternative for those who cannot attend our Club for a lengthy period. However we do not want to lose touch with those who need leave of absence and will certainly keep them “in the loop” with Bulletins and other information if they wish. We will warmly welcome anyone who can return to the Club as a full member after their necessary leave without any penalty.
We are still waiting for a response from RDU regarding the number of magazines they are distributing on our Club’s behalf. George believes we should maintain printing and distribution of hard copy RDU magazines .
Ted abd Evelyn will complete the form and return to District. This is separate from the requirement for all club members to have working with children checks.  For those members who have not done so, please advise Doug of your Certification number. 
It was agreed that the A5 brochure we used to place in the six Community Notice Boards around the Manly area. Robert will place the brochures after gaining access from Northern Beaches Council. Robert will also ask if we can place a Manly Rotary information sign (same as the one at Hinkler Park) at the entrance to Manly Oval near the traffic lights at Sydney Road. This wall may be demolished in the future, but it was agreed we should try and place a sign there in the meanwhile. Phone numbers to be included - Susie 0418877556 and Robert 0439031314 as the Manly Club phone has not proved to be effective.
Ted confirmed that we may place the banner that was used previously at the old entrance. It can be tied to the exhaust vanes at the front of the building whilst we conduct our Club Meetings. Ted also confirmed he will ask RFW (Lindsay) if we may have a suitably sized permanent sign at the front of the building and at the old entrance. Robert said he has two smaller signs that could be used for this purpose.
The camp held last week was successful and the restaurants who provided evening meals and a daily fruit platter were thanked by the Stand Tall organisation. Thanks were given to Ted, Virginia and Susie for their help and attendance at the camp each evening to serve the meals (and to Matt Swan for the barbecue cooking). Barbecue meal provided by Vicki Quin and the team of three.
George still has a few “towers” left for cash contributions to Foundation. He reiterated that all donations are tax deductible and that for every $100 we contribute (fill the tower with $2 coins), the Bill Gates Foundation contributes $200.  PLEASE RETURN YOUR TOWERS TO GEORGE BY THE END OF MARCH as he is going away in April until the end of July and needs to send the donations to Foundation by 30 June. So, if he doesn’t receive by end of May, contributions will be deferred until next year. George also mentioned the polio eradication program - globally this week 102 cases this week. Bulk of these are through faults of the vaccination itself.
David Brown tabled a letter received from the above requesting a donation for the organisation that supports young people to continue their learning beyond school, supporting them in their career pathways of employment, further training or tertiary eduction. The request will be reviewed at the Board Meeting to be held next week.
A student who was booked into the program has pulled out at very late notice; It is too late to try for another candidate from a school as they are still on holidays. It is a weekend camp at Narrabeen Sports Centre early in February and if any Club member has a Year 10 student who may be interested in the weekend, please contact Evelyn Ciocco on Evelyn reported that the RYLA student who attended the RYLA camp was most appreciative of the opportunity and will talk later at one of our Club meetings. 
Our Club has been asked if any Club member would like to be part of the audience on a Monday night at 9.30pm during 2019. ( Buses are arranged from Manly). They are suggesting a small group from our Club and if we are interested will come up with some suggested dates. Please email Doug on  if you are interested in attending one of the Q&A programs.
7.00pm 12 March. Ted to enquire about whether we can use the RFW reception area for this purpose. We will advertise the function on our website (etc). Each member will be asked if they can attend and bring at least one potential member with them.  We will also ask local businesses to attend and representatives from our local charities. We will need to get a team together to coordinate this important event. We are hoping to have local dignitaries and an interesting guest speaker that will encourage people to attend. Your suggestions would be appreciated.
After general discussion about the pros and cons of organising the fun run this year, it was agreed to defer a decision for two weeks and in the meanwhile investigate ways we may be able to source help for the event.
To be confirmed at Board Meeting next week (please attend the Board Meeting if you can at Pioneer Club House 7.00pm 22 January).
Volunteer hours – please let Beverley Leahy know via email on a weekly basis
SERGEANT’S SESSION, and CROSS-FINES  Ably conducted by Robert - many thanks
RAFFLE - Evelyn
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
The Last Word
Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 15th January 2019