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Feb 27, 2018
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Wow – where did that cold snap last Tuesday morning come from? Was it just a coincidence that we fare welled the last of our vacationing Rotarians from Europe on the same morning? Yep: summer’s nearly over - a sure sign that the pointy end of our year, and the ramp up to our Fun Run is nigh.
On that score we’ve had great feedback from each of the organisations we’ve had to apply to for permission to use our revised route, with a meeting with Northern Beaches Council Traffic Committee in a couple of weeks’ time the last hurdle we need to jump over: fortunately, with the active encouragement and support of our Northern Beaches LAC. Ty has done some great work in ensuring every critical detail has been taken into account; and Sherry and her team are just itching to get on with promoting our event – particularly focusing on online marketing with our abundance of expertise.
Breakfast this week gave us a real treat: Stand Tall CEO Jeanine Treharne’s moving account of her reasons for establishing her organisation – from scratch; of the real difference her conventions (and now camps) have made to ‘at risk’ kids, with the new hope and support they have found; and of the significance of the impact on her program of the funding we’ve provided. At a future meeting we’re hoping Stand Tall’s Patron, ex Wallaby Captain Nick Farr Jones will be able to outline his vision and plans for strengthening Stand Tall’s foundations and extending its reach even further – again, hopefully, with our Club’s own keen support.
And just so we’re all kept up to speed, the CEO of Bush Link, Cathy Hockey, will talk to us shortly about the plant propagation project we’ve agreed to support as one of our projects this year, as well. (And don’t things come around in circles?  You might have noticed in the ‘Daily’ that Mike Baird, one of our greatest public supporters, has just been confirmed as Bush Link’s new Patron: giving us the opportunity to renew our working relationship with him again!) 
On the ‘sick list’, we wish John Warren and Lynne Shori well; on the ‘greetings’ list, we’re glad to see Barry Tompkins back; and with our ‘welcome’ mat out, we’re delighted that Sherry’s friend Bojana is interested in becoming our latest new member, welcome!
Have a great week everyone.
Tuesday, 20th February 2018
Norm Thomson, John Warren, Jackie Linnane, The Shanahans, Lynne Shori
Bojana Deskov (prospective member). 
Peter Brusewitz from Borgholm, Sweden (visiting Rotarian)
Aaron North & Jeanine Treharne - Stand Tall
Club News   
  • President Elect Training 7 April 2018
  • Fun Run meeting 7.00pm Tuesday 13 March – Susie’s place
  • Board Meeting - next Tuesday, 27th Feb at Pioneer ClubHouse
  • Reminder to keep Saturday 17 March and 13 June free for some volunteer work for Stand Tall
  • Great news we have 24 Working for Children checks returned. Please send your details to Ty is you have not yet done so
District News
We have received an email regarding Literacy Network from Rotary International. They teach reading skills to adults from the Northern Beaches. Bev to arrange a speaker to come to give more details on the work they do.
General Business
Grant application for the scout hall will be entered in May as waiting for DA approval.
Fun Run update - spoke to Northern Beaches council this week to talk through application. It was really favourable meeting. Officeworks are printing out the flyers and we will bring them to the club once they are done so they can be handed out.
GUEST SPEAKER – Jeanine Treharne CEO from Stand Tall
Jeanine gave a very passionate talk about how she started up Stand Tall charity. In 2011 her son's 17th birthday party was gatecrashed and she saw a lot of very sad things. This ignited her passion and drive to help youth value themselves. In a Gallop poll of children, 45% said they had hope for the future whilst 55% don't have hope and that is the children they are aiming to reach. 1 in 9 attempt youth suicide.
Stand Tall inspires high school students to stand tall and make positive choices.   Since 2012 they have run a number of conferences and camps. They started their conferences in Knox Grammar School and now are held at Darling Harbour Theatre. They had 2500 students at the last conference and are aiming to have up to 8000 in future.
At the conferences there are a number of children that are going through bad times. They listen to presenters that have also been through bad times.  They all hear the message of hope.  The feedback they have received is that a number of children that were considering suicide have changed their mind.
At the Stand Tall Camp held in January 2018 and supported by Manly Rotary club there was 4 out of the 14 who had lost a mother or sibling to suicide.   In April the children are coming back for reunion and next year they will come back to the camp as mentors.
There is a Charity Dinner on 17th March that Stand Tall are urging club members to come along and support.
Forcibly led by Ted Waters who made a tidy profit.
Raffle - Bev
Rotary District 9685 Conference
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 20th February 2018