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We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Royal Far West
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Manly, NSW  2095
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Well who would have thought it  … a fun run in winter when it didn’t rain, and despite some members’ misgivings, two new course routes that reportedly blew everybody away!   Well done to all who were involved: our club members, our vast army of volunteers, our police and marshalls, our sponsors and supporters, and above else, everyone who snubbed their noses at the threatening weather and turned out for the event. They weren’t disappointed.
And what a template we’ve established for next year: our tenth consecutive scenic fun run and walk, with its own unique challenge – with $1.7 million already raised, to see if we can hit that magic $2million mark.
Special accolades MUST go to Ty Stokoe - the most amazingly capable organiser we’ve had yet.  He drove himself and us all hard, but importantly, made sure we had fun. Many others went ‘above and beyond’, too; but let’s just reflect on the fact that it was ultimately, a great teamwork effort.
We still need to finalise some of the results, and take into account a number of important key learnings.
But hey – it’s party time:  let’s give ourselves a break next week with our hosts, the Hotel Steyne (Friday 15th June) and then get on with it again!

Tuesday, 5th June 2018
Affirmation And Toast. We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Lynne Shori, Robyn Waters, David Brown,

WelcomeProspective member Maria Levesque

Duties: Desk – Beverley Leahy; Notes – Sherry Midgley; Sergeant-at-Arms – Ted Water


Club News                

  • Volunteer Team arranged for 13th June - Stand Tall. Doug to send out the notes to the people that are attending
  • Date for the Board meeting to be arranged, potentially 19th June 
  • Mike Tozer - the winner of the 10km - fastest time for the 2nd year in a row. Will be coming in soon to discuss the syndrome Fragile X which he also has
  • Friday 15th June post fun run social. The Hotel Steyne (upstairs) social. If you haven't responded please let Bev know.
  • Bev going to not be around for a couple of months. Changeover dinner. Discussed venues.
  • Joy needs surgery. Club sending lots of positive thoughts.
  • Ted & Robyn Waters and John & Jenny Warren all heading north of the equator for a warmer winter
District News  
Foundation - 1st July. John Warren discussed the money collection towers and encouraged members to take a tower to raise funds. Any completed towers to be returned by 30th June so the money can be packed
Sherry led an excellent Rose, Bud, Thorn Session and gathered everyone's feedback on the fun run. Thank you for everyone's honest feedback and contribution to this session. We will spend some time collating all the feedback and we will discuss in our next fun run meeting.
10km start line
The Bushlink Team
The Farmhouse Montessori team
Mike Tozer - Fastest Male time 10km
Brooke Hammond - fastest female time - 10km
The photos will be uploaded onto the website shortly however if you have facebook, please click here to see all the photos:  
A very fun and engaging session held by Ted, with a lot of fines due to so much activity

RAFFLE - Barbara

Rotary District 9685 Changeover
Rotary District 9685 Conference 2019
For full details on the Rotary District Conference please click here
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Weekly Newsletter from the Manly Rotary Club - 5th June 2018