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Welcome: Happy Birthday Tracy Rushmer 15 July

GUEST SPEAKER MICHAEL REGAN – Northern Beaches Council Mayor
Michael gave an update of what is happening with Council:
  • The newly formed Safety Committee is working effectively with relevant authorities and resident groups, etc.
  • A $455m budget has been agreed for the coming year. $110m will be used for capital projects (for renewal of existing work for example the walkway between Manly and Palm Beach will be completed by mid 2020).
  • A pitch has been made for Sculptures by the Sea – and Council may have a better idea of how this is progressing by the end of the month. Michael is encouraged that three senior leaders in the community are working as one to try for this great opportunity to bring people (and therefore money) into the Manly area. The License is for five years.
  • Tony Abbott has donated $5m for the Manly Surf Club project. This money is now with Council who will match it with a further $5m. James Griffin is also hoping to obtain $5m. Council is aiming at a $20m project that will help improve facilities for the Community, the Surf Club and for International visitors. There are plans for a competition for the best/most appropriate design. Progress on this project will be made over the next few months.
  • The old Manly Hospital site project is progressing slowly mainly because of planning issues– RFS has requested a 50meter buffer zone for the trees. Because of these planning issues the footprint is becoming smaller. However the project is managed Council needs to make sure it isn’t an enormous drain on the public purse. Some of the buildings need to be demolished. Government has $20m to build, but need double or triple to get it going. James Griffin is enthusiastic about the project and putting a lot of work into investigating the best alternatives. Community groups are being involved in the initial stages of how the project may work.  National Parks and Wildlife are also impacted by the project development.
  • Council has been advised that the upgrade of the roads around Frenchs Forest will be completed by May next year.
  • A road transport system similar to the BI but without the car parks is almost ready. “Turn up and Go” will be initiated in stages and operate from Dee Why to Chatswood and Brookvale to Chatswood.
  • Michael touched on the difficulties Council is experiencing re private certifiers who are able to approve new sub-divisions within a few weeks without Council involvement. This is proving a challenge for Council who will be trying to protect specific areas. Parking permits were also discussed – Michael mentioned that these may not be as easily obtained as they have been previously because of the parking difficulties in the area.
  • Regarding Brookvale Oval, there have been suggestions for relocation to RAT Park where there would be sufficient area and parking facilities. The Sea Eagles would prefer to stay at Brookvale and build medium density around the Oval, however Council owns that land and the Sea Eagles need for permission for such a project.
  • Michael reiterated comments made by James Griffin last week that members of Balgowlah golf club will be assisted to relocate to another golf club during construction of the tunnel. He said that the pollution in the area now is believed to be worse than it will be with a smoke stack.
  • In response to a question about waste bins Michael said that the red bins are the same capacity as the ones that have been replaced and yellow bins are larger to encourage residents to re-cycle materials. Residents may request another red bin for $40 pa.
Ken Hopley thanked Michael for his time this morning and for the update.
GUEST SPEAKER DAVE DARCY - Northern Beaches police Superintendent.
  • The major challenge this year is community safety, as young people have been more challenging than in previous years. For example four officers were assaulted on one night. The greatest challenge is alcohol, followed in this Command by the use of cocaine, methamphetamine, zanac and valium. Alcohol is by far the worst and most dangerous drug on Northern Beaches. The Department is working closely with PCYC to try and solve the problem. A business plan has been presented to licensees in the area about using technology to cross reference trouble-makers and prevent them from moving to another location if they have been banned. In Manly young people need to be taught to drink responsibly and the proposed License scanners will help.  All the licensed premises should get the same system that will make it more powerful. Laser operated scanners can detect fakes.  Violent people will be excluded from licensed premises.
  • The Department is also working with Council, Lifeline and Northern Beaches Community regarding people taking their own lives.  “We are becoming leaders in getting sophisticated regarding suicide prevention” said Dave. They have excellent support from Council and Lifeline. It is now possible to track people expressing suicide when they use their phones or talk to someone, so there is no need for phone towers now.  There is a window to get to them before they take action.
  • Dave said that PCYC is working well and is jam-packed with young people who have great fun going there. It is a great facility in the right location being both accessible and usable, with ongoing police presence in the Club.
  • The graffiti issue was raised and Dave said how difficult it is to police as it happens so quickly. He said that community reporting helps and that there have been arrests in the last couple of weeks.
  • Dave mentioned he will be retiring not long after next Australia Day and said it has been a great honour policing in his own community for so long. “For me policing is about community and police and I have enjoyed being part of this community.”
Manly Public School stand 20 July 
  • Thank you for those who have volunteered for this Saturday - early rostered members should please arrive at Wentworth Street gate opposite Coles at 7.00am to help set up. Our contact is Simon Dodson who will be there to show us the location of our Stand.
20/07/2019 Manly Public School Market stall
??? Designated Charities meeting at Lifeline Balgowlah
17/08/2019 Northern Beaches cluster Yulefest fundraiser dinner at PCYC
01/09/2019  Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk
Future Guest Speakers
23/07/2019 Fun Run Meeting 
30/07/2019 Candy Bingham Northern Beaches Council Councillor
10/09/2019 Rory Amon - Councillor Narrabeen Ward
12/11/2019 Cathy Booth from Umoja Orphanage Kenya will give an update on her projects at Umoja.
10/09/2019 Rory Amon - Councillor Narrabeen Ward
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