GUEST: BILL FORSYTH (District Photographer) Member of The Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise and MARGARET CONWAY
A special thank you to Bill Forsyth for again taking all our official Fun Run photos. Bill attended this mornings meeting and delivered a USB containg all the Fun Run  photos.
thank you Bill for all your help and assistance.
President’s opening comments
  • Maggie commented on the fabulous success of the Fun Run. 
  • Maggie thanked all members for their support, and specifically mentioned the work of Neil as logistics organiser, and Jackie, Andrea and Tom for their terrific social media work which seems to have moved us into a new dimension in local community involvement.
  • David Brown was able to solve a last-minute problem from the Sydney Harbour Trust. 
  • The Clontarf students participation was also brilliant and gave a real community feel to the event. 
  • Royal Far West helped again, and we would like to come up with a more effective use of their offer of the playground space on the day. Any ideas??
  • Pioneer gave great suppoprt, as well as the Steyne hotel.
Enza thanked all members for an amazing job, and reminded us that most of the Fun Run organisation was in-house from members.   We will have a full debrief of the Fun Run at the Board meeting tonight.
THANK YOU TO THE MANY VOLUNTEERS WHO ASSISTED THE ROTARY CLUB OF MANLY AT THE MANLY SCENIC FUN RUN AND WALK  ON THE DAY without the volunteers on the day it would not have been possible to arrange such a wonderful event.
John Shanahan gave a Treasurer's Report on financial progress of the Fun Run.
Some photos of the Fun Run for all to enjoy! (stay tuned for more photos in coming weeks!)
Meeting finished at 8am, followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe.