Daniel Hammond
Acting President Terry’s opening comments
  • Welcome back to Margaret Conway, who has been absent for some weeks due to work commitments.
  • Terry also took a minute or two to use words with a very familiar ring (Centurian, hundred dollars, valuable badges) in the context of polio
Doug spoke about the Wellness Walk that will start and finish at Government House on 16 October 2016. He also spoke about the aid change in part of the marketplace, where welfare funding is no longer provided government to organisation, but instead government to consumer.
Lynne Shori provided a very interesting update on the sanitation pilot project. (please note the photo is from a previous speech that Lynne delivered to the Club).
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on the platform to raise awareness and try to raise a further $16,000.  A facebook ad was used to reach more than 60,000 people with 4,500 people clicking on the post. This includes members from three other Rotary clubs who Lynne is now following up.  The campaign has raised $2,300 to date with more hoped for once priority targets – Australians with PNG interests – are targeted in the coming week.
Lynne outlined upcoming key project milestones and agreed to provide a further update in a few weeks.