Guest Speaker: Keri Crittenden (Co-Founder So They Can)

So They Can works together withcommunities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower, to break the poverty cycle, help local communities realise their own potential and meet their own needs especially through education.

Keri gave a very inspiring talk about the work she and her partner (Cass) have done with So They Can. In 2009 they signed an MOU with the Kenyan Government to build a school. The school (Aburdane Ranges) serves children of Internally Displaced People (IDP). This community was large and was due to post election violence in 2007. Currently the school has 1080 students. Truly remarkable what Keri and Cass have done. They have also expanded to develop a community called Miti Mingi Village to home (with a house mother!) orphaned children at the Kakuru Dump site. There were 120 children at the dump that now have homes. They are also heading up a women’s business school. Keri and So They Can have clearly
made a deep lasting impact. 
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