Rotary Club of Manly
9 February 2016 Meeting
Co-president Maggie Shanahan opened meeting at 7 a.m.
Janice Shipway, Rotarian from South Africa
Gudrun Walla, Rotarian from Sweden
Barry Teren, Rotarian from the Gold Coast
Vivien Coulson updated the Club as to the progress on Mission Australia. She explained that small projects take as much time as big ones. The last stage of Mission Australia project is to wash and paint the walls in the kitchen area. Robert Jones to coordinate 2 volunteers to wash the walls and 2 volunteers to paint. Please advise Robert if you are interested i n volunteering.
It was agreed that our next Fellowship function would be at Manly Dam. Sunday February 28th 2016. BYO food and drink, all family and friends welcome
Registration has commenced, participants have started to    register, and The Rotary Club of Manly looks forward to another great Fun Run on the 22nd May 2016.
Andrea received reports from the students we sponsored - Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment (RYPEN)
Awesome weekend in the holidays for two Year 10 students!
Rotarian from South Africa
Janice is visiting us from the Hilton & Howick Rotary Club District 9370 near Pietermaritzbury in South Africa. Janice is the President of a small club of 14 and has been staing with her daughter at Fairlight. District 9370 has 200 clubs
Janice’s Rotary Club does not have much money, many as most club members are retired and it is very difficult to raise money as people in the area are very poor and have no money.  The grandparents raise the children in mud huts and squatter camps, children looking after children as the adults go to the cities in search of work, Janice told us the story of a little girl who had her nose chewed by a rat and had an operation only to be bitten off again.
Another huge problem is the adults living with AIDS and not wanting to reveal it because of the shame and stigma and therefore not receiving the appropriate care and education.
The Club has previously funded childcare centres. Unfortunately they cannot assist with many improvements, otherwise the centres will be taken over and all the improvements will go to someone else. They have also provided 150 Christmas hampers where people donate and they put the hampers together and distribute. Big vegetable gardens and fences, they also put on a Rotary Health day where the staff donates their time for 3 days. These days include immunizations.  The club does also Youth Exchange.
Janice talked about the population of South Africa and noting that 30% of South Africa’s population is from 0 to 24 years of age.
One of the biggest problems for South Africa is that the municipal has no money and therefore can not provide services to their area. 
In the education sector South Africa is placed on the world forum for Maths and Science at 148 with 148 countries, the worst performing country.
Private schools currently cost the approximately $15,000 (Australian) per year and a good public school $1000 per year. Janice has asked our club if would consider sponsoring young students to Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth, Entrepreneurial course for deserving students approximately $200 per child.
We wish Janice all the very best on her return and look forward to seeing her here when she visits her family next.
Visiting Rotarian Gudrun Walla of Sweden spoke of her textile business. We were treated to some of her wonderful work.
The meeting closed at 8 am.
Followed by coffee at Fusion.