Guest Speaker, Graham Kinder


Graham has been a volunteer all his life and named Rotary as a significant influence in his decision to serve others. He grew up in a Rotary family. Graham spoke to the club today about his role in the SES NSW. This organisation is “the combat agency for flood, storm and tsunami.” It is made up entirely of volunteers and has 8,000 members across the state.

Graham explained the pivotal role the SES has in managing disasters by describing the impact of cyclone Debbie on the Northern Rivers area. Not only SES volunteers from across the state were recruited but many RFS volunteers also assisted in the rescue and aftermath of the extensive flooding.

Graham also demonstrated the use of the defibrillator and stressed how important it is that all members of the community are confident to use it in first aid emergencies.

Graham requested our assistance in his application for a RESCA (Rotary Emergency Services Community Award). Such an acknowledgement recognises, not only the commitment and skills of an individual, but also the vital role emergency services play in keeping our communities safe and functioning. We wish Graham the very best in pursuit of this award.