Fellow Rotarian Ron Delizio attended our meeting on the 14th July 2015 and spoke to our club about Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children, his role and the important work they do.


Last Week Guest Speaker and Visitors 


Guest Speaker 

Rotarian Ron Delizio of our Club on ROMAC. 

Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children 

Not an easy topic to accept, let alone present. Ron gave us an insight into the emotional costs to these families and the financial cost to Rotary to give hope and an acceptable life to children that have lived with unacceptable horrific disfigurement. 


Ron made us aware of the effect this has on the family, from depression to family breakdown and unable to cope. 

Ron is no stranger as his own life was brought to a standstill by a family tragedy. 




Visitor ADG Barry Starr


Only comment.  He got it easy only four clubs to oversee 

Great having you at our meeting.


For our new members: 

What is an ADG. 


Assistant District Governor. 

Job Description: Look after a limited number of clubs in an area, encourage interaction between clubs and carry messages from the District Governor. 

Our Club has bragging rights, as our club has 4 past ADGs, that Bulletin Ed, can remember.


Future Member 


Visitor: Jacqueline Linnane  Not for long,  
a future member.