Rotary is on the verge of eradicating a human disease for only the second time in our history after Small Pox.
Three decades ago Rotary shared its vision for a Polio-Free world; let’s make sure that vision becomes a reality today.  24th July 2015 marks one year since Nigeria last reported a Polio case caused by wild poliovirus, putting the country on the brink of eradicating the paralysing disease. Rotary have sent Africa on course for a Polio- Free future.
If no new cases are reported in the next two years, Nigeria along with the entire African continent will be certified Polio-Free. But we have not yet reached our goal of a Polio-Free world. Raising funds and awareness are more crucial than ever.
Rotary now need to continue the battle and intensify our efforts in supporting Pakistan and Afghanistan as the two remaining Polio-endemic countries to be Polio- Free. We know that Polio can easily return with devastating consequences if we don’t stamp it out NOW.
We must act, as Rotarians do, to build on the progress made and stop Polio once and for all. We have a narrow window of opportunity to achieve this, and if we fail we could witness up to 200,000 Polio cases a year in the near future. How as a Manly Rotarian can you assist in this most important final push to eradicate Polio from the world?
The final push requires substantial investment. By becoming a CENTURION you can do your part in the eradication of Polio from the 
Your $100.00 contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Your donation to END POLIO NOW will be matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation thus tripling your contribution. In our club your contribution goes to END POLIO NOW.
Your contribution earns Paul Harris Fellow credits (one point per $1.00 ) which can be used to purchase a Paul Harris Fellow (1,000 
points required) or you can authorise your points to be transferred to Manly Rotary for the purchase of Paul Harris Fellows. 50% of your contribution comes back to District in 3 years’ time. 
To support District Grants, Areas of focus, Scholarships etc. receive a recognition pin. Personal satisfaction that you are supporting END POLIO NOW.
Cheque, Credit Card, Direct Debit. Instalment payments available as little as $10.00 per month.
Imagine the pride you would feel as a Rotarian knowing that you were part of the team that eradicated Polio from the world. Make this vision a reality by becoming a CENTURION.
Please see our Foundation Director Terry Kennedy for a CENTURION MEMBERSHIP FORM or if you require any further information on eradicating Polio from the world.