Enza, Terry, John S, Jackie, Robert and I spent a very interesting and motivating day at the King’s School Parramatta on Saturday.
Apart from the normal Rotary presentations telling us we need to attract new, young members and to look after them, without telling us how to do this we did gain some really valuable insights.
Enza, Jackie and I attended the PR presentation. Evan Burrell from Turramurra Club opened the door for us to the world of social media. We left convinced that social media will be our saviour in attracting new members and informing the community of our activities.
Maggie has enrolled in a course being run by Evan in July, Social Media and Rotary.  I look forward to working with Jackie and Enza to ensure we grow in numbers and spirit using social media effectively.
Nick Farr Jones closed the Assembly with a stunning presentation. He shared with us his insights on leadership, team building and the importance of procedure. He emphasised the importance of team spirit, ensuring everyone is working together for a common goal. His managing partner explained to him at the start of his legal career that in any group there are “finders, binders, minders and grinders”. That we each have to be aware of the contribution we can best make to the task at hand and then surround ourselves with the other skills to enable us to do what we do, well.
Nick emphasised the importance of process. He believes if you get the process right, the rest will fall into place. He said that was the secret of the Wallaby’s success under his captaincy. He feels that until you have everyone involved believing in the process you’re following you can’t expect to succeed.
We left the presentation inspired, and full of delicious food.