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On November 12th The Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah has organised a fundraising Comedy Night for their dental program in Bangladesh (Aus Bangla Care for Dental). 
Volunteer dentists from Australia fly to Dhaka at their own expense and link up with a team of local dental professionals to provide much-needed services in slum and rural areas and dental health education programs in schools. Funds raised will supply materials, transport etc. that will be used during these visits. 
The ABCD program is supported by the Rotary Club of Bangladesh and by the members of the Bangladesh community living in Australia.
Tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students and children.
Book online: 

Susie Morgan chaired the meeting in President Richard’s absence overseas and opened the meeting at 7.00 a.m.
Beverley Leahy, Terry Cornick and his colleague and friend, Peter Regan
Veronica Hopley, Margaret Conway, Lynne Shori, Richard Schroder, Robert Jones, Tracy Rushmer
Vale Stuart Reeves:
Susie asked George to share some memories of Past President Stuart Reeves, who has passed away at the weekend after a long illness.
Stuart had joined Manly Rotary in July 2003 and had been club President for several years, as well as having a keen interest in the youth portfolio.
His love of country music transformed the entertainment at the club’s Christmas functions, with other musical members of the Reeves family also performing.
Stuart was a builder by trade. His wife died young and Past President Ken Hopley, who taught all three boys over the years, speaks with admiration of what a fine job had done in bring up Matthew, Tim and Brett on his own.
There was a minute’s silence in memory of Past President Edward John Stuart Reeves.
Other news:
Annual District Conference and Assembly.
Terrence Joseph briefly explained for newer members about annual District  Conferences and District Assemblies.
The next District Conference for D9685 will be held at Penrith on 11 March 2017. The conferences have consistently been of value to Rotarians, with excellent speakers and subjects discussed.
District Assembly focuses on varies portfolios for club directors, the District Governor’s plans and goals for the year ahead, as well a program referred to as PETS – meaning President-Elect Training Sessions.
Guest Speaker, Terry Cornick, Mr Perfect:
Terry Cornick spoke about his battle with depression and how it has led him to learn strategies to deal with the issues when he “felt cloudy.”
He and his colleagues now have incorporated “Mr Perfect” as a mental health support group for men encountering similar issues. Mr Perfect has a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and a newsletter and conducts monthly barbecues on the last Sunday of every month at a central Sydney location.
We have all been affected, directly and indirectly, by depression. The Club commends Terry for the good work he does in facilitating discussion about mental health.
Lynne Shori - Report
Lynne  reports that leaders from the three Rambutso villages receiving toilets met last week and want to contribute by providing iron roofing for the toilets. As only important buildings such as schools have iron roofing, Lynne regards this from a project perspective as being “gold.” The villages thus regard the toilets as valuable infrastructure and are claiming ownership of the project.
Lynne will report further at next week’s meeting.
Susie closed the meeting at 7.55 a.m, and the group gathered at Fusion for fellowship.
Rotary District 9685 hopes that you can join them at Panthers, Penrith on 11 March 2017 for a wonderful day of fellowship, great guest speakers and project showcase. Stay into the evening for the Cocktail Function and Entertainment with Normie Rowe.
Date: Saturday, 11 March 2017 (all day)
Location: Penrith Panthers Convention Centre, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith
Cost: from $100
Register online:

Acting President John Pack opened the meeting 
Bev Lehy, Katherine Burchfield (Royal Far West)
Rambutso Sanitation Project Update
Lynn Shori  gave us a heads up on her fantastic progress on the PNG loo project. Funding is forging ahead and Lynn has used all her enthusiasm to organise free shipping and port charges for loo kits, tools and assorted bits & pieces.
Guest Speakers: Katherine Burchfield and John Shanahan
Katherine from Royal Far West gave us an update on how they propose using our donation of $9,000.00 working with the indigenous children in and around Walgett.
John Shanahan gave us a great talk and slide show on his love of history and painters, particularly those who painted the ever-beautiful Manly landscape and residents. Vivien also let us know that Manly Art Gallery has a must-see new exhibit open now. Vivien volunteers at the Art Gallery, and gives wonderful tours.

Past President David Park opened the meeting at 7a.m. 
Former Warringah Mayor Michael Regan and Bronwen Regan
President’s Opening Comments
Past President David opened the meeting and welcomed Michael Regan and his wife Bronwen Regan. PP David also commented on the eagerness of all club members to show off their silly hats to raise awareness of and support for Rotary Health (in addition to all funds received during the sergeant's session).
Guest Speaker
PP Maggie introduced our guest speaker: Mr Michael Regan, former Mayor of Warirngah Council and current Chair of the Economic Committee at the Northern Beaches Council.
Michael Regan is an Australian public servant and local government politician. He served as the Mayor of Warringah Council from 13 September 2008, when he was elected as the first directly-elected mayor of the council following its return from five years of state administration. Became the longest-serving mayor of Warringah since he overtook the 6 year cumulative term of Arthur Parr (as Shire President) in 2014 and was the last mayor of Warringah following its amalgamation into the new Northern Beaches Council.
Michael spoke on the outcome of one council for the Northern Beaches which he supported and the process of how it came about.
Northern Beaches Council
On 12 May 2016, with the release of the Local Government (Council Amalgamations) Proclamation 2016, the Northern Beaches Council was formed as per Warringah's submission, from Manly, Pittwater and Waringah councils. At the first meeting of the new council at Manly Town Hall on 19 May, Regan was appointed, with Manly mayor Jean Hay and Pittwater Deputy Mayor Kylie Ferguson, by Administrator Dick Persson as a member of the Implementation Advisory Group, one of several advisory committees composed of former councillors and mayors of the three councils, and as Chair of the Economic Committee.
Michael spoke of the economic opportunities and savings derived from a bigger council eg consolidated insurance and IT, he spoke of benefits that a bigger council can achieve and also spoke of the  increase to grants that many community organisations can apply for, a proposed $750,000 going back into the community.

Rotary District 9685 hopes that you can join them at Panthers, Penrith on 11 March 2017 for a wonderful day of fellowship, great guest speakers and project showcase. Stay into the evening for the Cocktail Function and Entertainment with Normie Rowe.
Date: Saturday, 11 March 2017 (all day)
Location: Penrith Panthers Convention Centre, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith
Cost: from $100
Register online:

Daniel Hammond – for the last time as a visitor – and his mother.
New member induction by President
Immediately after opening the meeting, President Richard had the pleasure of inducting Daniel Hammond
(who was nominated by Ted Waters) as our club’s newest member. 
Other News
  • Although perhaps not the only reason for the large attendance, Jackie thanked everyone for the club’s wedding gift and circulated both champagne and muffins, both of which were gratefully consumed.
  • Ted Waters entered a plea for all members to become Centurians, not only because 100% of members was required in relation to gaining a club citation, but also to bring to an end Terry’s need to bring the matter to the club’s attention, yet again.
  • John Shanahan advised that all the required applications to various parties in relation to the 2017 Fun Run have been submitted.
  • Maggie asked that anyone with club photos from the past club activities be submitted to her so that a selection of photos can be screened at the dinner on 14 December.
  • Maggie’s call for someone who can mail merge was met by Lynne Shori, who has just learned to do so.
Speaker - Andrea Goddard, Stars Foundation
Lynne Shori introduced our speaker, Andrea Goddard, Executive Director of Stars Foundation.
We learned from Andrea that she had worked for eight years from 2005 for the Clontarf Foundation. That was in Clontarf’s early days, when it had 200 aboriginal boys, rather than the 3,000 it has today.
Because she knew that it was essential to “even out the playing field”, and there had to be a balanced investment in both aboriginal boys and girls, Andrea has started up the Stars Foundation, which mirrors Clontarf Foundation by providing guidance and mentoring for aboriginal girls.
Currently the Stars Foundation works only in the Northern Territory where they have 21 staff, though discussions are afoot about both Victoria and Queensland locations, and there is a desire to operate in NSW as well.
Stars Foundation’s work so far is at eight schools in NT and involves 400 girls. The budget is $7,000 per student, in addition to gifted office and administration and great pro bono support.
Andrea stressed the importance of having both male and female mentors, and the great need to keep raising the percentage of aboriginal girls completing their schooling and being assisted to transition from school to work.

Daniel Hammond
Acting President Terry’s opening comments
  • Welcome back to Margaret Conway, who has been absent for some weeks due to work commitments.
  • Terry also took a minute or two to use words with a very familiar ring (Centurian, hundred dollars, valuable badges) in the context of polio
Doug spoke about the Wellness Walk that will start and finish at Government House on 16 October 2016. He also spoke about the aid change in part of the marketplace, where welfare funding is no longer provided government to organisation, but instead government to consumer.
Lynne Shori provided a very interesting update on the sanitation pilot project. (please note the photo is from a previous speech that Lynne delivered to the Club).
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on the platform to raise awareness and try to raise a further $16,000.  A facebook ad was used to reach more than 60,000 people with 4,500 people clicking on the post. This includes members from three other Rotary clubs who Lynne is now following up.  The campaign has raised $2,300 to date with more hoped for once priority targets – Australians with PNG interests – are targeted in the coming week.
Lynne outlined upcoming key project milestones and agreed to provide a further update in a few weeks.

Rotary Club of Manly received a mention in a Lowy Institute article published on 12 September 2016, regarding its support of the Friends of Rambutso (FoR) sanitation project!
Congrats to Rotarians and Lynne Shori (Rotarian and founder of FoR) for their excellent work and well-deserved accolades and attention! For more information please read below, and clock on the link:
It’s estimated that 2.4 billion people lack access to toilets. Poor sanitation in turn leads to poor health, with links to increases in the prevalence of waterborne diseases, such as cholera. Despite significant international funding allotted to PNG for water, sanitation and hygiene combined - through the global WASH initiative - in percentage terms fewer people in PNG today have access to sanitation than 20 years ago.
Friends of Rambutso, with support from Manly Rotary and its District, is seeking to bring an increased quality of sanitation and hygiene to the communities they work with, specifically by training the local communities to build sustainable composting toilets. The project believes that a faster roll-out of sanitation is possible when local communities are engaged and trained to solve the problem themselves. Roughly half of PNG’s population is under 25, and the project aims to engage this largely underutilized workforce in combination with the knowledge of local elders, who will be trained in community hygiene and the technicalities of composting toilets.

Assistant District Governor Warrren McGergen, Chris Lew, Sheree Lineham, David Hammond and Laura Gilmour from Hearing Australia.
Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGergen introduced Chris Lew as a former member of Rotaract. Chris informed the meeting that he wishes to set up a new Rotaract club, based at Dee Why, to be named Northern Beaches Rotaract. The club would meet and meet at Dee Why RSL on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in each month. The intention is to have the club chartered on 28 October 2016. Donations from Rotary clubs in the zone are sought to help the new club get started, with Northern Beaches Rotary said to be committed to donate $1,000 and Belrose considering making a $500 donation.
Members would be in the 18 to 30 years age group.
Warren also urged members of Manly Rotary to seek to be awarded a District citation by undertaking two of a number of projects that would qualify the club as a possible winner.
Guest Speaker
Laura Gilmour from Australian Hearing started by letting members know that in 2013 she had greatly enjoyed being on a RYLA course in 2013.
Laura’s Powerpoint presentation covered the subject of loss of hearing, the signs to look out for as one’s hearing deteriorates. Sixty per cent of sixty years olds are reckoned to be hard of hearing and seventy per cent by aged 70 years .
Fortunately technology powering hearing aids, devices for listening to TV, doorbells etc are all much better than even 10 years ago.  
Other News
Ted Waters started by complaining that he had been wlth only seven minutes to do his job, then proceeded to relish fleecing one and all in the sergeant’s session.
Vivien Coulson’s pain in the sergeant session was mitigated by gleefully winning the raffle.
Meeting closed 8am followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe

Daniel Hammond and Liz Mackinlay.
President’s opening comments
  • President Richard congratulated Maggie, John Shanahan & Ted Waters for the recent birth of their respected grandchildren over the weekend.
  • He welcomed both Daniel Hammond as a return guest and Liz Mackinlay, making her first visit to the club: and reported that John Shanahan will meet with Wendy from Fragile X and present her with a donation from the club to her organisation of $2,500.
Terry Kennedy then spruiked Polio Plus AND the Polio Plus badges which, according to Terry, will be so valuable in years to come that our ancestors may be taking them to be valued on the Antiques Roadshow.
Ted Waters reported on the success of the Royal Far West’s Sportsman’s lunch held at the Steyne Hotel. The club hopes to have the poet who entertained mightily at the lunch to be the speaker at the club’s 100 years celebration dinner on 14 December.
Andrea Hogan sought applicants – likely to be in their early twenties - for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) 
Robert Jones undertook to try to have our club meetings included in the Noticeboard section in the Manly Daily each Saturday.
George McLelland introduced the speaker, Liz Mackinlay, CEO of Australian Doctors International Inc.
Liz has had over 20 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, both in Australia and in Australia. She has worked with Red Cross and World Vision, as well as smaller non - government organisations. She was based in Cambodia for three years.
Liz provided a very interesting and informative power point presentation on ADI’s delivery of health services in PNG, as well as responding to many questions raised by members.
Liz stressed that PNG being our closest neighbour and the importance of PNG to Australia and the health risks that it presents to our shores if medical treatment services are not improved in the country.
John Warren ran the sergeant’s session.
Having folded the raffle tickets etc. before the draw, Susie Morgan had the satisfaction of winning the raffle.


President Richard opened the meeting at 7am.
Maggie Shanahan led the affirmation and proposed the toast:
“We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary” 
Toast to Australia.
Wendy Bruce, Fragile X
Tom Miles, group leader, First Balgowlah Scouts
Daniel Hammond, former Rotaract member
Veronica Hopley, Enza Prestipino, Stuart Reeves, Norm Thomson
President’s opening comments
  • Thanks to those who did the work in relation to the new shed at Pioneer Clubhouse – Neil Austen and Robert Jones to the fore
  • With Polio now close to being eliminated from the planet, what is the next health program for Rotary to address on a worldwide basis. Sanitation? TB? filariasis? or ??
Terry Kennedy encouraged those who had not already become Centurians to do so, reminding members that when Rotary took up the challenge to eliminate polio, people were being afflicted at the rate of  335,000 each year. Now polio is down to 70 per year, and in only two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Lynne Shori updated members on the sanitation project, advising that Rotary Club of Boroko in Port Moresby had agreed to be the in country Rotary Club partnering Manly Rotary - and Boroko club is enthusiastic about the project. The pilot project is on track to complete its registration as an official overseas project with Rotary Australia World Community Services Ltd (WRACS), and thus able to provide tax deductibility to donors.
Group Leader Tom Miles from First Balgowlah Scouts advised that there are 19 scout groups available to boys and girls from Balgowlah through to Mona Vale, with 28 millions being the total number of scouts worldwide. In addition to outdoor local activities such as canoeing and sailing, the scout movement in Sydney own 6 Cessna planes. Flights are thus also available to scouts.
Tom advised that the First Balgowlah Group had enjoyed their drink station volunteering at the Manly Rotary Fun Run and gone on to provide 60 volunteers to City to Surf.
Daniel Hammond spoke briefly about his 8.5 years in Rotaract, starting at Macquarie University. Now aged 30, his Rotaract career has come to an end after 5 years as club Treasurer and becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.
At President Richard’s request, Susie Morgan provided an insight into her life. Susie started her life in Surrey, England, but migrated to Australia with her family when she was 11 years old. Now she has three grown up daughters and she is enjoying making a contribution to the community through Manly Rotary.
Maggie Shanahan ran a successful sergeant’s session. 
However, the highlight that members had been waiting for was when, on behalf of all club members, Maggie presented Jackie Linnane with a wedding gift and card, with best wishes to Jackie and Josh for their future married live together. Jackie and Josh leave tomorrow for the U.S.
Note from Jackie:
Dear Rotarians,
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift, the beautiful card and your kind well wishes. Josh and I will truly make good use of the Nespresso machine. He even promised to come to a few meetings now that he'll have caffeine in him (we'll make a member of him yet!).
I feel lucky and privileged to be part of such a great group of people, and it means so much to have your well wishes as we journey back to the States to officially tie the knot! I look forward to seeing you upon my return, and coming back a married woman! I hear that once you exchange vows, the wife becomes infinitely wiser. I look forward to always being right after this trip!
See you soon!
Ted Waters won the raffle (for only the second time in six years apparently!).
Closing comments:
President Richard reminded members that there would be a meeting of the 100th birthday committee at John and Maggie Shanahan’s home at 7.00pm on Thursday 11 August.
A very happy birthday to Neil Austen who celebrates his 30th (?) birthday this Saturday!

President’s opening comments
  • Richard also asked Ron Delezio to introduce President Maria Moran of Cronulla Club, little Junitalia and her aunt Lita, who was accompanying Junitalia from East Timor, instead of Junitalia’s mother, who has TB.
Ron Delezio spoke about the good that is done by Rotary in the Pacific Region through Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), by selecting usually 45 children from the region each year who are in urgent need of medical treatment and bringing them to Australia to receive the treatment they require.
Two year old Junitalia had a hole in the heart and a torn aorta and for two years has survived on rice and water. Post the operations she spent 14 days in an Intensive Care Unit.  Now, with successful operations behind her, she can eat normally. Only 10 days out of the ICU, the two year old clearly demonstrated during the meeting that her rice and water days are behind her.
Ron praised the Children’s Hospital at Randwick. 
President Maria Moran also spoke about ROMAC’s work and about Juitalia’s journey in particular.
Although she is only a short time out of hospital she is already putting on weight and eating food for the first time.
Vivien Coulson conducted the sergeant’s sessionwith relish, full of energy after her overseas holiday.
George McLelland won the raffle.
Meeting closed at 8.00 am.

Rotary Foundation: Terry Kennedy
Our own Terry Kennedy spoke movingly about the achievement of Rotary Foundation. The Foundation transforms our gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, they tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into Rotary's global priorities, such as eradicating polio and promotion peace. Foundation grants power Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact. Terry shared a video summarising the good works of the Foundation. 
Terry encouraged Members to consider becoming a Centurion ($100 tax deductible donation), that will go towards eradicating Polio worldwide. There are currently two countries still reporting cases of Polio: Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Terry offered an incentive to the first 14 Members to become Centurions: they will be presented with an End Polio Now badge to add to their collection of Rotary pins.
As Terry so aptly put it: "Polio anywhere in the world is a risk everywhere in the world."
Please consider becoming a Centurion today.
Guest Speaker: Fiona Phipps
Fiona Phipps from the Royal Far West spoke about the program Rugby Sense - a therapy program designed to assist Indigenous children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She spoke at length about programs aimed at children with ASD primarily benefiting Caucasian children. Rugby Sense combines the universal cross-cultural appeal of sport with an outlet for children with ASD and their families to address their needs. The Rugby Sense camp will operate during the next school holidays in September and will be available to children with ASD between the ages of 8 and 12 years and their siblings between the ages of 10-12 years.
Fiona also answered questions from Rotarians about the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Visitors: Tahina Booth, Robert Frost (who has only moved into the area in the last year), Warren McGurgan, Assistant District Governor and Belrose Rotary Club.

President’s opening comments
President Richard led the round of applause at see Veronica Hopley enjoying the meeting after her  absence.
At this rate President Richard should enrol 52 new members this year – given that he has only been President for two weeks and has now enrolled two new members.
This week we were all happy to see Norm Thomson inducted by Richard and welcomed to the club.
  • The date for the 2017 Fun Run was announced as being on Sunday 28 May 2017.
  • Worthy of special note – still flush with funds after his UK holiday, John Warren flummoxed the meeting by paying his Centurian contribution for “next year.”
  • Lynne Shori requested that all attending the Zone meeting on Saturday 30 July pay their $40 per head into the club bank account and also let her know so she can keep a tally of who are all attending.
  • John Shanahan announced that the $6,000 grant for Lynne Shori’s pilot sanitation project has come in, that he had written to RABS (Rotary Australia Benevolent Society) about the project, and also that an international grant is been sought too for the pilot project.
  • John also read out a long list of names of the beneficiaries of club largesse over the last 10 years, totalling $1,125,000.00
  • Ted Waters advised that, according to Council, the repairs to the walkway round to Shelly Beach will be carried out in two months time, and that the hold up so far has been that the sewage line has to be dealt with also.
Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGurcan stressed the District Governor is keen to pay a visit to Manly Rotary. The club thanked Warren for delivering the district membership
Enza talked members through the Clubrunner system and we learned that:

President’s opening comments
President Richard opened his first solo club meeting by inducting Sue Morgan into Manly Rotary. When she spoke briefly Sue made touching remarks about the poverty she had seen in neighbouring countries and the contribution Rotary makes in helping Australia’s neighbouring countries.
  • The Zone Dinner will be held on 30 July at Wakehurst Golf Club, commencing at 7.00 pm. RSVP by 18 July
  • The club’s 80th birthday dinner, to be held on Wednesday 14 December 2016, has an organising committee already in place.
    • Maggie is working on a 80 page booklet covering the years since the publication of the club’s 75th anniversary book.
  • Richard also reminded club members that the club needs to start the formal process for organising the 2017 Fun Run.
  • John Shanahan advised that he had prepared a summary of the recipients of donations from Manly Rotary/Many Sunrise combined and he will provide soft copies to club members.
  • Speaker
    As Richard’s PA at Kina Petroleum, Tahina Booth, will play an important part in the club business throughout 2016-17. So it was timely that she was the speaker at the club’s first meeting of the year. 
    Born in Australia (two months premature!), she lived in Bougainville, the Solomon Islands and Lae in PNG, before setting in Australia when she was ten years old. 
    Tahina made a lot of friends and admirers in the club as she gave a lively and very enjoyable account of her life journey to this point. Her account of “awful things” and the tension and perils for girls and women in every day life in PNG was very sobering. Plus her account of her athletic life was highly entertaining.
    After only a year in the sport, Tahina is in serious training to develop the natural talent she has in weightlifting. Her goal is to be on the Australian team for the next Commonwealth Games. We wish her well in her training, and promise to try not to be too much of a nuisance!

Visitors: Suzy Morgan and Norm Thomson

The Rotary Club of Manly held its Changeover Night at the Balgowlah RSL on Tuesday 21st June 2016.  Among special guest were
Superintendant Dave Darcy and Dr Peter MacDonald.
Past Presidents Enza Prestipino and Maggie Shanahan were proud to handover the Presidency to President Richard Schroder and be relegated to feather duster status.
President Richard spoke about his upcoming year and the importance of the fun run and  keeping our involvement in the community.
The evening was full of fun and fellowship and our members and guest enjoyed themselves immensely.
Past President Enza and Maggie cutting the Changeover cake.  Thanking all club members for their wonderful contributions and making their year very special.  Past Enza and Maggie were also awarded the Paul Harris Award.

This year the Manly Rotary Club again participated in the Rotary BowelCare project with local pharmacies.  It was a project highlighted by the joint involvement of a number of members who each took a role in the Project.  David Park picked up the kits from Model Farms PS, David Brown distributed them to the 10 participating pharmacies, Ken Hopley did the reconciliation collecting the monies and unused kits from the pharmacies, while John and Maggie Shanahan arranged for the unused kits to be returned to the organising Rotary Club on the Central Coast and transfer of funds.  Anna Horowitz was the trusty backup. The Manly Rotary section of the BowelCare Project totalled $5055 collected for the purchase of 337 BowelCare kits from our participating Pharmacies. Each year this project identifies  a number of positive results leading to further medical follow up, and hopefully early diagnosis and successful treatment.
- Ken Hopley for the 2016 BowelCare team

Past Presidents Maggie Shanahan and Enza Prestipino, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Manly, presented Northern Beaches Superintendent Dave Darcy with a cheque for $3,000 for the NSW Policy Legacy.
The Rotary Club of Manly commends the Manly Police for doing an incredible job ensuring the safety of residents of the Northern Beaches. We would also like to acknowledge the volunteer police officers for their  assistance with the annual Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk. In presenting this cheque we acknowledge the wonderful support given to us every year by the Manly Police.

Induction of New Member
Maggie inducted Margaret Conway into the Club.  Margaret then briefly introduced herself and described her work as a Fundraising Co-ordinator for Autism Spectrum Australia.
Meeting closed at 8 a.m. and fellowship followed at Fusion.

Our popular annual fund-raising evening of trivia, games, raffles, auctions and great prizes
Friday 24th June, 7.00 for 7.30pm 
At Balgowlah RSL, Ethel Street, Seaforth 
Team tables of eight, singles and couples also welcome
$25 per person
Proceeds to three local charities:
Bear Cottage, Dalwood Spilstead, Lifeline
Click "Continue" to book, or for more information,
contact David Stewart-Hunter
Tel: 0414 967 722
Register online:

Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGurgan explained that he will be the 2016/17 Assistant Governor for our club’s zone and that the DG will this year meet zone clubs together rather than visit each of the 74 clubs in the district. Our zone meeting with the DG will be on 30 July 2016 at Wakehurst Golf Club at a cost of $40 per person.
Kathy Wong from Moeloco spoke of her determination to “make a difference” and about the millions of children in the world who do not even have shoes to wear.  She is determined to provide as many shoes for children in India as she can through her efforts and the support she can raise from others to support her ambition.

GUEST: BILL FORSYTH (District Photographer) Member of The Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise and MARGARET CONWAY
A special thank you to Bill Forsyth for again taking all our official Fun Run photos. Bill attended this mornings meeting and delivered a USB containg all the Fun Run  photos.
thank you Bill for all your help and assistance.
President’s opening comments
  • Maggie commented on the fabulous success of the Fun Run. 
  • Maggie thanked all members for their support, and specifically mentioned the work of Neil as logistics organiser, and Jackie, Andrea and Tom for their terrific social media work which seems to have moved us into a new dimension in local community involvement.
  • David Brown was able to solve a last-minute problem from the Sydney Harbour Trust. 
  • The Clontarf students participation was also brilliant and gave a real community feel to the event. 
  • Royal Far West helped again, and we would like to come up with a more effective use of their offer of the playground space on the day. Any ideas??
  • Pioneer gave great suppoprt, as well as the Steyne hotel.
Enza thanked all members for an amazing job, and reminded us that most of the Fun Run organisation was in-house from members.   We will have a full debrief of the Fun Run at the Board meeting tonight.
THANK YOU TO THE MANY VOLUNTEERS WHO ASSISTED THE ROTARY CLUB OF MANLY AT THE MANLY SCENIC FUN RUN AND WALK  ON THE DAY without the volunteers on the day it would not have been possible to arrange such a wonderful event.
John Shanahan gave a Treasurer's Report on financial progress of the Fun Run.
Some photos of the Fun Run for all to enjoy! (stay tuned for more photos in coming weeks!)
Meeting finished at 8am, followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe.

President’s opening comments
  • Maggie reminded us that the Royal Far Westare seeking a grant from Aussie Farmers Rural Hero for their Healthy Kids Bus Stop. Please support the RFW by going to the website and voting for the RFW. You can find the website by clicking here.
  • Enza led the discussion regarding the organisation of the Fun Run. 
    • Enza complimented all members for their terrific support. 
    • Current numbers registered as of today is 1,771 (100 more than ran last year), the audited figure supplied by John Shanahan. 
    • Enza and Maggie particularly thanked Andrea, Jackie and Tom Shanahanfor their work on social media which seems to have helped with the increased numbers.
    • Thanks also to the Clontarf students who are volunteering on the day.
  • Neil led the detailed discussion of Fun Run logistics. 
    • We are close to a full compliment of marshalls.
    • Head marshalls to pick up marshall gear, shirts, maps etc from ICMS.
    • All gear back to ICMS after the run for transfer back to storage next Tuesday 24th.
Meeting finished at 8am, followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe.

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